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Build and strengthen your relationship with the South Snippets Community by sharing your story, nurturing your brand, and  offering your products--from placement to fulfillment-- all in one social e-commerce platform. 

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Open Your Branded Online Shops

Create your own fully functional e-commerce storefronts for online shopping, booking and service requests. Take advantage of unlimited product listings, enterprise management tools and 24/7 fulfillment support. Actively list your store at  SNIPPETS CITY, a categorized marketplace for businesses in our community here in the South.

  Branded Website
  Unlimited Products
   Fully Functional Storefronts
  Enterprise Tools & Reports
  Active Marketplace Listings 

List Your Products in our marketplace.

Display your products in our community marketplace and access 24/7 fulfillment services for your products. Provide delivery services, online payment options, and customer service to your customers in one dashboard. 

   Why go far when you can offer  it down South? Promote your products and services in our community shopping portal for Southies to browse and avail.

SOUTH EATS EXPRESS      Take care of your fellow Southies' craving by having your tasty creations become part of the South's Online Community Kitchen. All orders are received and delivered straight to customers.

  Unlimited Product Listings
  Categorized Products & Services
  Nationwide Pick-Up & Delivery
  Multi Payment Options 
  24/7 Customer Service 

Promote Your Business

Share your southie stories to the community and engage with customers and influencers. Create campaigns and generate content all within your shop.

  Engage our members
  Collaborate with our Influencers
  Create your stories
  Social Media Management

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