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The Philippines' Best Rice Cake Since 1938

About Ferino's Bibingka

Ferino’s Bibingka started in October of 1938 at Juan Luna Street in Tondo, Manila. Husband and wife, Ceferino (Mang Ferino) and Cristina (Aling Tinay) Francisco started cooking bibingka with three clay stoves on a 1-meter bench and two small tables. Initially, they would sell bibingka only during the Christmas season. 

After the war, Mang Ferino further improved the quality of the bibingka and they started offering it all year round. Their bibingka became famous including other merienda items such as Menudo with Mini Pandesal, Ginatang Bilo-bilo with Inangit, Dinuguan-puto and Palabok (Pancit Luglog).


Enjoy the all-time favorite rice cakes wherever you are!


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On-Site Event Catering

Be it a big or small event, we are more than happy to provide and bring to you that Filipino delicacy of having freshly cooked Ferino's Rice Cakes. 

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Venture out into a new business while enjoying your very own Ferino's Rice Cakes. Franchise with us now!

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Bulk orders

Order your freshly cooked Ferino's Bibingka Rice Cake in bulk, available now for pick-up and delivery from your nearest Ferino's outlet.