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6 Legit Southies You’ll See in and around Tagpuan at Genoveva’s Farm
Snippets of these Southies experiencing a WHOAsome farm in Batangas, where there’s more than meets the ‘sty’.🍃 🌻 🌞😍  Wanna know why? Cause there’s something there for every Southie!🙌🏽

Our recent SOUTHIEscovery, Tagpuan at Genoveva’s Farm, proved to be outstanding in their ‘fields’: helping guests reconnect with nature; providing fresh air, a steady cool breeze, and calming views; creating a clean and pleasant environment; and offering a variety of spaces fit for rest, leisure, and celebrations!🛌🍃 🌻 🌞🎉 🪩🎤🤸🏸

Here are some of the activities we experienced at Genoveva’s Farm to match these 6 different Legit Southie personalities:

6. That Southie who loves to ‘muni-muni’. 😌💭 If you want a little bit of peace and quiet, you don’t need to travel too ‘farm’. Tagpuan at Genoveva’s has lots of open ‘airy’as, where you can while your time away at. The views are relaxing and the fresh air is calming. Also, the farm is secluded enough to give you the solitude you seek, but still accessible to the comforts you’re used to, as it’s still near restos, stores, and the main road.

5. That Southie who loves spending QT with the friends or the family.🏡 You’ll never get FOMO at this farm! They have accommodations that can fit a group of 7 and 15, plus the rooms are charming, clean, and spacious, not to mention that killer view at the 2nd floor balcony!😍

4. That Southie who's also a foodie.🍳🥩 Another unexpected thing we thoroughly enjoyed at the farm was their food! We got to enjoy their delish bangus breakfast and their outstanding sizzling beef porterhouse steak covered in that sinfully yummy gravy.🤤 Ugh! Don't forget to ask about their menu when you go!🍽

3. That Southie who’s nerdy about plants and trees, as well as the birds and the bees.🌻 🌞🍃
You’ll simply love the fact that, other than the trees, flowers, and grass that give you the ultimate farm vibe, you'll also encounter the most fascinating creatures and rare ornamental plants all around the property.🌱 🌺 🌸🪴  Southie Kaye turned out to be a natural at bird-whispering.🦜 LOL

2. That Southie who’s naturally frisky.🤸🏽🚴🏽🎲 ♟
If you’re not a fan of quiet me-times, but also want to cut down on their screen times and want to get active, we swear you’ll never run out of activities to do! They have board games you can borrow, a neat chess table you can play on, a videoke machine you can use, a pool you can swim in, plus ample grassy spaces to play sports at and goof around!😜 Don't miss our Reels and Tiktok videos about our shenanigans to be published SOON!🤗

1. That Southie who’s always ready to party. 🪩🎉👰🏽‍♀️💐🤵🏽‍♂️
We sorta expected the place to have a function room or two, but man! What they have is one modest room and one massive hall! The size of their ballroom is probably one of the most insane things about Tagpuan, as it can hold up to 250 people! (If that’s how grand you want your event to be—go for it! LOL.) They have all-in packages (e.g., food, hosts, accommodations, sound system) for Southies planning to hold weddings, Christmas parties, yearend celebrations, team building activities, or other corporate events. You can click to INQUIRE HERE.

More PRO-TIPs:
🏞 You can get a great view of Mt. Makiling within the compound, either on the 2nd floor balcony or behind their events hall building.
🚘 They have ample parking space for when you hold big events and invite a handful of guests.
🏠 Pievana Roots Cafe is just less than a kilometer away from the farm, and is a must-visit for the gorgeous interiors, delish drinks and fish & chips, plus you can catch the breathtaking 'south'set there, as well as a view of Mt Makiling.

Thank you so much for making our quick stay memorable and fun, Team Tagpuan!💚 Special shoutout to Tony, Irene, Bilog, and Genoveva for taking care of our team!🫶🏽

🏠 To get more details and for your inquiries, follow the link HERE.

📍San Isidro Norte, Sto. Tomas, Batangas City, Philippines
📱 @tagpuan_genovevas on IG 
👍🏽 Tagpuan at Genoveva's Farm on FB
📲 0906 575 9952

  Review by Southies Aisha, Donna, & Kaye
  Blog by Southie Donna 

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6 Legit Southies You’ll See in and around Tagpuan at Genoveva’s Farm
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