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10 Reasons We Love Kasile Hills like Silly
Snippets of this Southie counting the ways she appreciated being so close to nature without giving up comfort and convenience.

I, along with Southie creator friends, recently got to experience an exclusive glimpse of everything Kasile Hills has to offer fellow Southies once they open to the public this February 2023. Spending 2 days at the resort gave me a good idea on why this place becoming a top destination someday won't come as a big surprise. Here are 10 reasons why:

10. The location. 
I love the fact that I got to indulge in some much-needed R&R so close to nature without having to drive too far away from the metro. Kasile Hills is only located in Cabuyao Laguna, and taking SLEX and CALAX to go there managed to keep my driving time to an hour, thereabouts. [WATCH this REEL or this Tiktok video for our chill drive to Kasile Hills.]

9. Their pet-friendly facilities.
Fellow Southie Lowkey Lakwatsera's furbaby Cody D Yorkie was able to tag along because he was 'furry' much welcome to stay in the resort. Lovette!

8. The infinity pool and breathtaking view.
This is probably one of the best areas you can while your time away at. Simply basking in everything your eyes can see and taking an occasional dip in the water are enough to get your mind into that zen space you can never get from other places. Plus, when the weather gets too cold, you can stay in the hot tubs they've installed! Talk about a wa'terrific' idea!

7. The legit Pinoy comfort food.
Other than the staple bulalo, their resto, La Verne Garden, also had a few dishes you'd wanna keep coming back too. My personal favorites 'pork' sure are their Pinakbet with Bagnet and Crispy Pata. Sooo noms! I didn't get to try it, but we heard great things about their Sinigang na Hipon, too!
Other Items on the Menu: Tokwa't Baboy, Ensaladang Talong, Bagoong Rice, Kasile Rice, Whole Chicken Periperi, Crispy Pata, PInakbet with Bagnet, Bulalo, Sinigang na Hipon, Spicy Ginataang Gulay, Kasile Turon with Salted Caramel, Maja Brulee

6. The chill bar.
Now, this is what I'm talking about! The 7590 Bar sets the perfect mood to end a relaxing day with their wide range of cocktails, liquor, and other alcoholic beverages to match their delish pizzas. Ah! Perfect definition of  'wine'ding down my evening.

5. The peaceful and dreamy ambiance.
The ambiance at Kasile Hills forever spells romance! It's one thing to consider it for your wedding events or honeymoon trips, but since it's the love month, a quick romantic getaway will surely give you and your significant other that intimate and memorable trip for the books! [Swipe through the photos to view their Valentine's Menu and Special Package for the month!]

4. The unbelievably soft and fragrant robes, towels, and sheets. 
Nothing says luxury more than having the feel of clean, sweet-smelling, fluffy towels, robes, and sheets on one's skin. It made me want to just laze around all day in bed. Best feeling ever! I wish it didn't have to end! Ugh!

3. The spacious room and bathroom, plus other great amenities.
They've certainly considered putting their guests' comfort and relaxation at the top of their priority list. They made sure you can have enough space to freely enjoy their resort, despite having to share them with family or friends.

2. The cool weather and the fresh chilly air.
Who woulda thunk you could get that same legit Baguio feels without having to drive far up North??! Take a jacket with you when you visit during cool months because, baby... it really *is* cold outside. lol

1. The wide, open spaces; lush greeneries; and that fascinating hanging bridge!
A terrific no-brainer activity that's guaranteed good for the mind and the body is simply taking quiet walks around the property. There are so many areas that are relatively untouched: they give you that exciting but comforting feeling of getting lost in an entirely new world.

Thank you so much for being so warm and accommodating, Sir Timmy, Ma'am Lav, and Team Kasile Hills! Thanks for extending the invitation to our team, Lowkey Lakwatsera!

Don't miss their special Valentine's offer this month of February, and check out their contact details below for more info.

📍 Purok 4 Brgy Casile, Cabuyao, Laguna
   0917 528 5455
 Kasile Hills on FB  
 @kasilehills on IG

   Review and Blog by Southie Donna

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