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Busan PH
Snippets of Busan in Silang.🇰🇷🚂

This Korean food truck in Cavite is causing quite the buzz online due to its almost lifelike replica of a train. I mean, this Southie gets the hysteria: we all remember that time we swooned over Gong Yoo, while getting scared watching the zombie flick! Amiriiight?!😄 

Busan PH offers familiar Korean dishes, rice meals, and street foods daily from 2pm - 9pm. Ever been here, Southies? How’s your experience?🤔

• Only street foods are available at 2pm. Their rice meals are available from 4pm onwards. 
• Parking can be quite a challenge. You will have to park at the city hall’s public parking area.

📍76 M.H Del Pilar St. Silang Bayan (near 711)
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 Resto Visited by Southie Yani
 Blog by Southie Donna


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Busan PH
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19 February, 2021
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