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VMV Hypoallergenics BF Homes
Snippets of this Southie enjoying some rejuvenating 'face time'--literally and non-virtually.💆🏽‍♀️🧖🏽‍🥰

Staying at home and not having to meet people in person regularly, doesn't mean we should stop taking care of ourselves, too. I'm sure you know by now that feeling and looking good both help in staying sane these days. Thank goodness our peeps at VMV Hypoallergenics BF Homes were generous enough to treat this Southie to a facial back in March!🧖🏽‍♀️🤍😌 I could say this was the next best(?) thing and the safest form of intimacy amidst this quarantine. LOL [Watch my experience in a 55-second TikTok vide HERE.]

Anyhoo, during my visit, I was able to experience their Hypoallergenic Gua Sha Facial using VMV’s Re-Everything Line (Anti-Aging). I've been familiar with VMV Hypoallergenics, since my mom loves their stuff, so it was really a delight to experience more of their products beyond the usual balm and lotion. Here are what I loved about their service and products:

EXPERT ESTHETICIAN: The sweet and soft-spoken lady at VMV BF Homes, took such great care of me! She was professional, reassuring, highly-skilled, and had the lightest hands!🤲🏽 For the first time in months, I felt sooo loved and that I mattered.🥰 hahahuhu!🥺

🚫🩸🩹NO-PRICK FACIAL: They are very strict with their procedure being as painless as possible and non-invasive which means there was absolutely ZERO pricking involved. I almost never do facials since I have no major problems with my skin, so this was my immediate worry since the last I had somewhat irritated my skin and left my face a bit swollen after. Joanne was able to keep my experience completely pain-free (and bloodless, of course. LOL) because she was very thorough with carrying out their pore-opening steaming procedure.

🧴🥰HYPOALLERGENIC PRODUCTS: As the name implies, their products are less likely to cause allergies, meaning they are considerably safer and gentler on your skin. They ensure all the ingredients they use are already highly effective, so they can put as few of them as possible in their formula for each product. [View all their products HERE.]

😷🥽CLEAN AND SANITIZED SPACES: Since the quarantine, they've conducted business by-appointment-only to make sure physical distance is observed. Only 1 esthetician and 1 client are allowed each time, and every after a client/treatment is done, they activate a UV lamp sanitizer for a minimum of 15 minutes before it is to be used again.

📍👍🏼CONVENIENTLY-LOCATED: It's near Starbucks and Tropical Hut: right above Tim Horton's and Conti's; one floor below Premier The Samgyupsal; and right beside Manyaman Local Store where you can get the best leche flan, bagnet chicharon, crispy dilis, and more! [Read our review of all Manyaman's delicacies HERE.]

Thank you sooo much for the much-needed mini-re'treat', VMV BF Homes!🙏🏼 Huge shoutout to Ms. Camille for always being super accommodating to our team!🤍😌 

Their store is currently open strictly for purchases/pick-ups only. Please reach out to them to inquire about booking for a facial once restrictions have eased.

📍President's Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque
 Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday
 9am to 6pm
  VMV Hypoallergenics BF Homes on FB

 Review and blog by Southie Donna


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VMV Hypoallergenics BF Homes
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18 May, 2021
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