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Southies Korean Skincare Routine
Monde Rêve Meetup

This is how LegitSouthies take their skincare routine to the next level!

Beauty, fashion, and lifestyle bloggers and vloggers from the south got together one afternoon to exchange Korean skincare tips with the help of Monde Rêve, the people behind the following revolutionary products from Korea: 

  • Clasela Mild Facial Wash

  • Monde Rêve Angel Solution Toner & Essence Mist

  • Monde Rêve Angel Wash

  • Monde Rêve Angel Powder Pact

What’s even more WHOAsome? Their products are made from plant-based materials, oil-free, hypoallergenic, mild and with low acidity.

You may order yours today and get a 10% discount if you use our code LEGITSOUTHIE!🤗 PM Clasela Mild Facial Wash on Facebook or SMS/call ‭+63 956 256 8098‬ now!😃Thanks so much to Pearle, Paolo, Aileen, and Adorson from the Monde Rêve team for getting all beauty-loving Southies together for a fun, exciting, and productive afternoon!🙏🏼

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Southies Korean Skincare Routine
South Snippets
15 October, 2020
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