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Mr Jeff – The App That Does Your Laundry
Snippets of an essential service that takes a huge 'load' off this Southie's mind.

What with the whole country experiencing the worst case of quarantine deja vu these days, valuable services serious about providing contactless transactions bring convenience and peace of mind to a whole other level. 

How timely for a Mr. Jeff to pop up in this Southie's neighborhood in Doña Soledad just recently! I got to try having them do a load for me, and they truly managed to knock my 'socks' off! Wanna WIN ONE(1) MONTH OF FREE LAUNDRY? Scroll down the page  or click  HERE ! 

1. Pickup and Delivery

2. Large Regular Laundry (Wash, Dry, and Fold) 

3. Dry Cleaning

What I loved about the experience:
 Everyone was sooo professional! They gave timely updates, their staff were polite and accommodating, and they picked up and delivered my laundry right on schedule.  
  They're serious about making the transaction contactless from start to finish! You can book and pay in the app; their servicing hub does the rest! They also have your fresh laundry placed in large duffel bags to help minimize direct contact with your actual laundry bags.
  They were efficient, clean, and thorough. Talk about a laundromat that's a triple 'thread', eh? They inspected the clothes they received, and made clarifications on particular items I sent them. I also noticed my whites didn't dull out after they've washed them. They also do an extra dryer cycle to help with sanitizing the clothes.
  They were flexible with my needs. I had particular requests and instructions with my transaction and they were able to make arrangements to accommodate them based on their available services. 
 When I said it's gonna take a 'load' off my mind, I totally meant it. You can take monthly subscriptions of 4 laundry pickups/deliveries suited to your type of load or needs via the app! How cool is that?

Doing the laundry is probably one of the most daunting and time-consuming tasks at home. Now that you can enjoy all of those perks I've laid out, you can never ever say your hands are 'Tide' from doing more important things in life! Amiright, Southies? :)

Thank you so much for saving me from being a casual'tee' to doing my laundry, Mr Jeff Doña Soledad!

Check out the deets below!

1.     Follow the Mr Jeff store closest to you on IG. See list of participating Mr Jeff branches below.
Mr Jeff Dona Soledad Paranaque: @mrjeff_donasoledad on IG
 Mr Jeff BF Resort: @mrejeff_bfresort on IG
 Mr Jeff Marcos Alvarez: @mr.jeff.marcos.alvarez on IG
 Mr Jeff BF Homes El Grande: @mrjeffbfhomes_elgrandeave on IG

 Mr Jeff Las Pinas City Walk: @jeff_las_pinas_city on IG
Mr Jeff Alabang Hills: @mrjeff_alabanghills on IG
 Mr Jeff Manila South Road: @mrjeff.laundry.manilasouthroad on IG
 Mr Jeff Sta. Rosa Nuvali: @mrjeff_sta.rosa_nuvali on IG
 Mr Jeff Bacoor Soluna: @mrjeff_bacoorsoluna on IG
Mr Jeff Molito: @mrjeff_molito on IG

2.     Like the raffle post on the page of the Mr Jeff branch you have chosen.
3.     In the comments section of the raffle post, comment by tagging three (3) friends. This is one (1) raffle entry. There is no limit on the number of tags per day.
4.     Share the post on your feed and stories. Shares and stories count as additional entries. Make sure your posts are set to public so we can view them.
5.     This contest will run from March 20, 2021 to April 3, 2021. One (1) lucky winner per Mr Jeff participating hub will be raffled off and announced on April 5, 2021.

Terms and Conditions:
1.     This contest is valid only for participating Mr Jeff hubs listed above.
2.     One (1) winner per hub will be chosen at random. Winners will be announced via social media and will be advised via DM.
3.     Each winner will receive a one (1) month Plan Max subscription: four (4) weekly pickups of a large bag (approx 8-10 kgs) of regular laundry. This includes pickup, wash, dry, fold and delivery services.

You can download the Mr Jeff app on Google Play or the App Store


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Mr Jeff – The App That Does Your Laundry
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