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This Southie got a chance to try these skincare tools from GLŌ Beauty and Beyond right in the comfort of my home. Most of us can’t go out to get our skin pampered at our favorite beauty clinics these days, so I was really happy to know that I can finally do it without stepping out of the house!

We all have our own skincare routine and these tools are such a great addition to that! For some who have sensitive skin and allergies to particular skincare products, this will be a game changer because you’ll be able to achieve glowing skin without even applying anything on it at all! Here are the 5 tools we’ve tried:

Glо̄ Ice Globes
These are a good addition to your usual facial and can be used both hot and cold. And look at those colors! They don’t just look so pretty sitting on your vanity desk, they’ve got tons of benefits, too. Here are a few:

1.      Depuffs face and tones down dark circles
2.      Stimulates blood circulation
3.      Minimizes pores
4.      Relieves headaches & sinus issues
5.      Perfect as a natural makeup primer
6.      Calms & eliminates redness of skin
7.      Tightens skin & eliminates fine lines

✨Glо̄ LED Face Mask
I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this several times in your favorite K-dramas. Or maybe you’ve seen Jessica Alba and Kourtney Kardashian with an LED face mask on? You might be able to achieve that Glо̄-ing glass skin, too! This mask uses light technology that helps collagen production, which aids in skin rejuvenation. Each light color has its functions:

1.  Red - facilitates blood circulation, generates collagen, helpful to wrinkle care and skin improvement
2.  Blue - removes acne and kills bacteria
3.  Orange - improves the oxygen in cells, improves to soften skin

This face mask is a must for your me-time because it’s wireless. You can pamper your skin while relaxing, Netflix-ing or even while having Zoom meetings.

✨Glо̄ RF Facial Wand
I call this *the* magic wand! This is my favorite among all the gadgets I tested! I mean, 7 functions in just 1 tool? After using this magic wand for less than an hour, I felt like I had an instant face lift and my skin looked tighter and Glо̄-ed brighter. I felt like I had a full facial service! Here are the functions of the RF Facial Wand:

·   Deep cleaning
·   Face lifting and tightening
·   Face contouring and slimming
·   Lead-in nutrition (absorbs beauty products)
·   Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle
·   Acne removal and kills bacteria

It has 4 LED light colors and here are their functions:

·   Red - enhance elasticity, minimize pores, and rejuvenate skin
·   Blue - kills bacteria, reduce oil secretion
·   Green - anti acne blackheads and pimples
·   Purple - enhance the penetration of the beauty products
·   Yellow - anti skin aging and anti-wrinkles

✨Glо̄ Crystal Eye Mask
This eye mask is made of real jade stones which have healing and calming properties. The micro-element of the gemstones penetrates deeply through the skin which relieves eye fatigue as well as tone down dark circles. This Southie spends so much time in front of the computer so it really felt relieving when I tried Glo’s Crystal Eye Mask. I left it in the fridge for a few minutes for an extra refreshing and relaxing feeling.

 ✨ Glо̄ IPL Hair Removal + Skin Rejuvenation
I can relate if some of you have become ‘Hairy’ Potter characters over the quarantine season. LOL. Don’t judge! It was not easy to go out and book an appointment for a waxing session, okay?! Also, shaving just doesn’t do as good a job as having it done at the salon. With Glо̄’s IPL Hair Removal device, you can now say ‘Ciao!’ to all that unwanted body hair! It’s a 2-in-1 device—a combination of Ice Cool IPL hair removal and skin rejuvenation. It has a unique cooling system that makes the laser shoot directly into the hair roots without any heat. No need to worry about darkening or chicken skin which are caused by frequent shaving. This IPL hair removal device’s skin rejuvenation function helps in brightening your skin and shrinking the pores.

With everything that I’ve experienced using those beauty gadgets by Glо̄, it seemed as if I got my dermatologist to give me full treatment within the safety of my own home. Thank you for my GLŌ up at home, GLŌ Beauty and Beyond!

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