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Cait and Ping Nail Salon
Snippets of this Southie's much-needed self-care sesh.💞🥰💭

I know I'm not alone when I say that I should have taken better care of myself when I had the chance back then. 'Cause for more than a year now, it's been next to impossible to get this done any time we actually need it!😪 And, during this extremely stressful and tense period is when we totally want to keep our sanity intact so badly!🧠😌 I consider myself privileged and lucky to have gotten the opportunity to 'replenish my mental energy' via a quick nail spa day in Cait and Ping Nail Salon back in March, just before ECQ Season 2 was announced.💁🏽‍

I was treated to a foot spa and a gel polish mani. Here are the things I loved about my experience:

💅🏽Gel Polish Mani

💜Their spaces were clean, well-sanitized, and comfy.👍🏼
💜 Customer 'booths' were adequately spaced and are separated by acrylic dividers to maintain physical distance.
💜 Their staff wore masks, hair nets, and gloves all throughout the service. They were also polite and cheerful! We had lots of fun 'chika' moments during my visit. (We had loads of questions, and they were happy to answer all of them!)💜 Ate Matuts and Ate Melai were light-handed and highly-skilled🤲🏽; their application of nail polish was neat. they really know their stuff!🙌🏼 💜 Their tools and equipment were high end, plus they had a wide selection of of nail polish to choose from, whether regular or gel.

🦵🏽👣Foot Spa
I'm extremely ticklish, so I was a bit hesitant to do this at first, but Ate Melai convinced me to go ahead and try it. I'm glad I did! Ate Melai gave a pretty good leg and foot massage!👍🏻 She applied the right kind of pressure when she was scrubbing, so I didn't flinch too much nor feel any pain from it.🤯 

💡They currently have an al fresco set-up for better air circulation and a much safer experience for Southies.
💡They are open only from Wednesday to Sunday, 10am to 7pm, until it's safe again to resume normal hours.
💡Book an appointment before coming to ensure they operate at a safe capacity.
💡Wearing of masks and face shields upon entering the building is mandatory.😷🥽 I was the only customer there during my visit, so having our masks on at all times sufficed.

Thank you so much for the experience, Cait and Ping! Til next time! 

Stay safe and well--physically and mentally, Southies! Find out more about how you can safely schedule an appointment for your own self-care session soon!
📍2F President's Grove, President's Ave, BF Homes, Parañaque
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  @caitpingnailsalon on IG
📲 09260239638

  Review by Southie Eliza
  Blog by Southie Donna


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Cait and Ping Nail Salon
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6 May, 2021
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