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Sips N' Selfies
Snippets of these Southies discovering what can and 'Canon' be done when making fond memories together!🤳🏾✨

Southies Aisha, Carlo, Zsazsa, and I had a blast checking out the newly-opened self-shoot studio and cafe in Doña Soledad Avenue: Sips N' Selfies.📸☕️

Cool 'beans'!🙌🏾 We never thought a cafe and a studio would be that great of a 'blend'. Despite the heavy rains that day, we felt as tho they really hit us with their best 'shots' as their legit noms coffees and pastries gave us some much-needed comfort, plus the cute, vibrant, and chill vibe of the place really made us get up to our playful antics. LOL.😁

Here is everything we did and had, and what we loved about the experience:

🍪🧁 Cookies, Muffins, and Fudgie Brownies
 Southie Zsazsa had their Muffins and Fudgie Brownies with melted chocolate, but the latter won her heart, as with everyone else we know who got to try Sips N' Selfies' baked treats. They serve their desserts buffet-style, so it's super fun to choose from their selection, then just have the staff ring your total at the counter! Such a neat idea!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

🥤🧋Hot Coffees, Cold Brews, and Caffeine-free Bevvies
Southie Zsazsa's Hot Cappucino was the perfect match for the weather. Southies Carlo and Gerard had their non coffee drinks: Salted Caramel and Strawberry Milk. Both were good with the Strawberry one striking the perfect balance for Southie Carlo. If you prefer your drink sweet, you might like the Salted Caramel better. Otherwise, you can ask them to adjust the sweetness to suit your taste. I was able to have their Iced Salted Caramel Coffee before this visit and I liked it. I also got to try their Iced Chocolate (cracker version). Say what? It's cause you can crack the homemade hard chocolate and enjoy it with the drink! I enjoyed their homemade chocolate as it had a subtle bitterness to it that was quite pleasant.😋 

🤳🏽 Self-Shoot Studio
This was the highlight of our visit cause it was mad fun! Haha! We had shotlists for our "barkada" sesh so we don't waste thinking of our poses as we are not professionals at modelling.😂 There were so many props to choose from and they made the minutes fly by so fast cause we just kept on coming up with more and more ideas as the shoot progressed. The props, stools, and couch come with any package you avail but you can only choose your preferred backgrounds if you got their higher-tiered packages. After your shoot, you will be given time to choose your chosen shots for your printouts and soft copies. No 'negatives' in our group shoot experience as we all had loads of fun and everything just 'clicked'!📸🤏🏽

💰 They currently have their 199php introductory price for walk-ins. It includes 5 mins of studio time, 2 mins selection time, 2pcs photo strips, and 8 photos - soft copies. (Scroll down to view packages.)
💰 Their drinks are priced from 70php (lowest/hot drinks) and 115php (highest/22oz iced drinks), so they really give you a lot of value for your money as their blends can aren't really too far off in comparison to some of the more expensive cafes out there. (Scroll down to view menu.)

💡 Prep a shotlist before you start to make the most of your studio time. Getting their 20 or 30-minute packages may seem enough, but when you're in the studio, time flies by fast! Haha!
💡 It may be awkward at first but once you get going, you'll find your rhythm, feel less shy, and start to enjoy the process even when you're by yourself. (I was told they could hear me laughing outside when I had a solo shoot. LMAO)
💡 You may request for the camera to be adjusted based on your themes/concepts but only staff members are allowed to move or touch any of the equipment.
🏳️‍🌈 They vocally support the LGBTQ+ community! 
🐶 They are pet-friendly; in fact, they love having fur families do their shoots.
📌 Perfect activity to do on special occasions or regular shoots with families (furry or hooman), as couples, or as individuals, especially creatives and professionals wanting to up their profiles.

Thank you so much for the warm welcome, and for the super fun and excel'lens' time, Sips N' Selfies!🙏🏽

Check out their socials and other deets, give them a go some time, and tell us if we're on point with this review of Sips N' Selfies, Southies!😉👇🏽
📱 @sipsnselfies on IG
👍🏽 Sips N' Selfies on FB
📍 2/F EGC Bldg. Doña Soledad Avenue Ext., Moonwalk, Parañaque || Make sure to Pin location: 288 Doña Soledad Ave || Landmarks: across RD Pawnshop, Express Wash, and Airport Village near BDO, look for Southstar Drug on the 1st floor)
☎️ 0927 377 3138
⌚️12:00NN - 9:00PM 

  Experienced by Southies Aisha, Carlo, Gerard, Zsazsa, and Donna
 Blog by Southie Donna
 Photos by Southies Carlo, Zsazsa, and Donna

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