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Schola De Vita Robinsons Las Piñas
Snippets of this little Southie's 'play'motional experience inside the classroom.

I was able to sit-in and witness Little Southie Isla's first time in one of Schola de Vita’s Re-Play sessions in their newly-opened center in Robinsons Las Piñas. Here are some of the things I've observed and loved about the experience as a parent myself and with my godchild Isla as the student:

✅ Vibrant and functional facilities.
Once the first dismissal was done (quite smoothly too with few to no kids crying), we were able to settle inside while waiting for the next class. My godchild Isla was as excited as I am as we were given a quick tour of the place. They have 5 bright and inviting classrooms inside, with minimal but enough items to pique the children’s interest - dollhouses, building blocks set, a mini-kitchen station, among others. I like that each classroom has a different theme - one is nature-themed, another was spaced-themed, and my favorite was the balloon/Up-themed one. They also have separate boys’ and girls comfort rooms for the kids.

✅ Well-structured, distinct, and progressive programs.
Their Re-Play Class touches on different programs prepared by teachers for the kids. Today was about feelings. After a short opening prayer, they launched into a fun dance session (which energized the kids), followed by a breather, to calm the kids down and help them prepare for the next activity. Their Mindfulness Exercises for this session were about Guessing the Big Picture.

They focused on one tiny detail and let the kids guess what the picture is. It was fun to see the kids make incorrect guesses and display their reactions after discovering the correct answers. Even I got my answers wrong! But what moved me is the reflection time they had after. I realized that sometimes, we really shouldn't be too hasty in judging others or particular situations. We should learn to take a step back a bit, to wait for the big picture to be revealed so we can understand better. ZOMG! Crucial life lessons!

✅ Security comes first.
They have carefully assigned IDs for both parents fetching their kids to match the IDs that their kids have. I like that they put a high priority on the security of the kids, especially since the preschool is situated inside a mall.

✅ Their teachers are patient, caring, and professional. 
What really got me is their cordial approach to kids. Never have I seen such patient teachers. No shouting at kids at all. Instead, they have this kind way of talking to the kids to encourage them to participate in class. I also like the entertaining visual aids and music that the teachers used. All three teachers were kind and treated each kid with patience and understanding. 

Since today was focused on feelings, the teachers then asked the kids about the different kinds of feelings - happy, sad, angry, scared, and proud. This was sharing time, and I love that the kids were encouraged to raise their hands if they want to share. Little Isla was best in recitation so far. Nice! 

To end the day, they have an art activity time to express how they felt before the start of class. The teachers provided the art materials and assisted the kids in gluing the googly eyes and strings to make their tiny plate friends/masks. Isla made a happy face and called her mask Platey (inspired by Toy Story 4’s Forky perhaps). Everyone got to display their artwork and the teachers gladly took class pictures after. [Click HERE to learn more.]

In summary, it was a short yet structured session. Unlike a traditional school focusing on a lesson plan-driven day, I found this one-hour session with Schola de Vita very refreshing. I myself was raised in a Catholic Traditional school way, plus my kids are in the same school I went to, so I was really clueless about progressive schools. [Click HERE to find out more about their Summer Programs.]

This wonderful afternoon was indeed an eye-opener. Not that the traditional way is old or obsolete, but parents nowadays do get these choices of focusing more on how they want their kids to learn and be nurtured. As I discussed with my friend, Isla’s mom, it was sort of breaking the cycle of how we bring up our kids and get our kids ready for the world.

Thanks for this wonderful experience, both for me and my godchild Isla, Schola De Vita!🫶🏽

For more info, please see SDV's details below:
📍 SDV Progressive Preschool: 2nd Level Verandah Area, Robinsons, Las Piñas
📍 Schola De Vita – Main Campus: Blk. 7 Lots 2B&3 Rosal St., Mother Earth Subdivision, Talon II, Las Piñas
 Schola De Vita on FB  
 @schola_de_vita_official on IG
⌚️Mon to Fri, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
☎️ 8831-2104 / 8273-9625 / 09179067816
🌐 https://sdv.edu.ph/

   Photos and Blog by Southie Cherrie  (Experienced by Southie Kid Isla.)
 Edited by Southie Donna

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