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RoboThink Philippines
Snippets of this Southie becoming a (building) block star for a day!🤖🧱🤘🏽

Spending an afternoon checking out RoboThink Philippines' very first STEM learning center in the country was truly the most fun way to see what the future of 'Southie'ntelligence looks like!🧠💡✨

Other than getting a tour of their immaculate but super chill space, we also got the chance to play with their display robots, plus build my own Dog Fighter model! WOOT! Here's my full Southie story of the things I learned and experienced during our visit:

✅ They have super cool digs!
Their facilities are conducive to highly creative and engaging activities: it was clean, tidy, and showed pops of color for that overall fun vibe. The parents also have a lounge area where they can sit and Netflix-and-chill while they wait for the students to finish their classes.

✅ They have competent teaching staff.
Having Teacher Clara guide me throughout my robot-building experience gave me a peek as to how they would normally conduct their classes. She was attentive, supportive, and patient; she knew when to let me figure out stuff by myself and when to step in to help. [WATCH us build our own robot in this REEL!]

✅ They understand that every learner is different. 
They don't limit themselves to only what the curriculum dictates. Instead, they assess students in terms of learning speed, level, and interests; they then adapt by making minor adjustments to fulfill the kids' varying needs.

✅ Their students' learning experience extends beyond the classroom.
Their programs serve a purpose to growing children, even in real life, as they actively engage in building and programming robots--allowing them to apply theoretical concepts in practical settings. Not only that, they learn to collaborate and communicate with other kids which helps in developing their social skills. [WATCH our experience building our own robot in this REEL!]

✅ They encourage play.
As we all know, science, technology, engineering, and math aren't really our obvious examples for 'fun' subjects. RoboThink makes all those things exciting and fun because of the Even adults like us got to feel like kids again when they let us play with their different robots, even do a battle with a couple of them. Haha! Such a fun, wholesome experience!

✅ They take pride in their students' work.
How can a kid not feel like they can do anything when they can see their stuff being displayed in places other people can see? It's such a nice gesture for RoboThink to showcase all the cool robots their students have made all over the center. We got to check out a super cool helicopter model that one of the students there made. SO KEWL!🤙🏽

✅ They offer FREE TRIAL classes.
Robothink offer free trial classes for those who are interested so students can get a preview of how the classes look like and parents get an opportunity to see the program in action. They also conduct demos in different schools as they have a portable class kit they can take with them. Contact RoboThink at 0995-8505528 for more info or message them via their socials below.

 They have an upcoming SUMMER CAMP and a MASTER ENGINEERING Program being offered.
Southie Kids can sign up for their Summer Camp this June 28-30 and join their Battle of Robots! See poster above for more info.👆🏽

For more info, please see check out these deets👇🏽
📍 Unit 9&13 MSA Prime Center Building, Prime St. Madrigal Business Park 2 Alabang, Muntinlupa City 
 RoboThink Philippines on FB  
 @robothinkph on IG
☎️ 0995-8505528
🌐 www.robothink.ph 

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