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7 Reasons Why We Need More Mighty Southies Like Anika and George 💪🏽🧡

Our team has always loved supporting South-based businesses, but all the more when they serve a crucial purpose in the community and are run by big-hearted people doing business 'write'!👏🏽 This Southie got to meet Anika and George a week ago: the 'class'y and lovely couple behind Mighty Little Ones, a Therapy & Learning Center in BF Homes.💡🤲🏽 

During the visit, I was able to learn so much about why they decided to put up Mighty Little Ones, as well as the struggles and realities parents of atypical kids and therapy & learning centers in the industry face on a daily basis.☹️ Having met them, I realized the great and urgent need for more people like Anika and George to be in our communities, and even the world.💪🏽🌏

Here are 7 reasons why:

7. They opened Mighty Little Ones: one of very few centers that provide therapy and learning for atypical students you can actually trust.👍🏽
It's tough enough to find institutions who are able to provide the right care and education for regular kids, what more for those with special needs or diagnosed with autism? Anika and George make sure that parents' concerns and students' needs come first with the way they set up their programs and facilities, which, i must say, is no small feat.👌🏽

6. Their center teach reading by appreciation and mastery, and not merely by memorization.📖💡
They have a Reading Readiness Program that supports the child by helping them gain a better appreciation of the skill and by focusing on phonemic mastery rather than simply identifying individual words and how they are read. This way, the students are able to read new words, even without knowing what they mean yet. WHOAsome!😱

5. Their facilities at Mighty Little Ones are clean, organized, and intentionally set-up.😍
You are immediately provided with slippers before entering their learning areas. Each of the rooms serve a particular purpose and are free from clutter or distractions. All toys are kept in one corner and only those needed for particular activities can be taken out. They also have a reception area for parents with WiFi available so they get sit down and do whatever work they need to do while waiting.  So thoughtful!🫶🏽🥹 They also have open ceilings to ensure parents are able to hear what's going on in the classes even if they're in the waiting area. Mighty Little Ones is also super accessible as it's located along one of the main access roads within BF Homes, Aguirre Ave.

4. Kids enrolled in their center automatically get their Individualized Education Plan (IEP) without any additional cost!🙌🏾
They immediately addressed this struggle for parents not having their child's progress records easily available, as it often happens that atypical kids' needs constantly change or evolve, or that they may need to transfer from one center to another that fits their preferences better. Having their child's IEP ready when the need arises takes away a lot of the burden of having to take on these kinds of transitions.

3. They only work with licensed therapists and SPED teachers.🏅
It's no surprise that this is one of the most crucial factors you consider when deciding to entrust your atypical child to therapy and learning providers. Are they competent and certified to deliver the best care for my kid? Am I leaving my kid's welfare in the hands of a professional? Both questions are easily answered YES by Mighty Little Ones Therapy and Learning Center.

2. They have the capacity to provide specialized programs, therapy sessions, or one-to-one learning for a wide variety of learners.👥
They don’t only cater to atypical kids but typical ones as well, especially those who have unique learning styles and need tailor-fit programs that regular schools cannot provide. They offer SPED Tutorials, Occupational Therapy, Pediatric Physical Therapy, and more. You may find full details about their programs in the photos above.👆🏽

1. They themselves are parents to an atypical boy, Gavin.👦🏽🫶🏽
THIS is what makes them qualified and extra passionate about supporting parents like them. It's also one of the reasons they take a very personal approach in helping their learners, just like how a parent would with their own kid: thoughtful, compassionate, and full of care.🤲🏽 I could see that they go out of their way in making sure their students get the most out of the program and they take the time to get to know each kid and how they like to be taught and cared for.💖

Thank you for showing me around your center and for sharing your story, Mighty Southies Anika and George!🫶🏽 I look forward to seeing more people coming out to support you, your advocacy and the whole atypical community in the near future!🙏🏽

Learn more about Mighty Little Ones, their therapy and learning programs, and more info about special education or autism by following them on their socials or reaching out through their number below.👇🏽
📱 @mightylittleones.ph on IG
👍🏽 Mighty Little Ones Therapy and Learning Center on FB
📍 AQT Building, 272 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque
☎️ 0967-116-4250

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