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Johnnie Walker Highball Bar
Snippets of this Southie having a #JohnnieHighball at the Johnnie Highball Bar  - Molito.​🥃🤙🏽

To me, it felt just like old times being in the company of vibrant, creative, and musically-inclined whisky drinkers at the launch of the Johnnie Walker Highball Bar at The Courtyard in Molito Lifestyle Center. ​🥃🎨🎼 🙌🏽

The night was a fantastic mix of spirits, music, fun chatter, art, and games; no ‘wander’ I had such a good time!🤗 I got to try their Johnnie & Lime and Johnnie Guava Sour Highballs, and really enjoyed both. But if I had to pick one, I’d say the Guava Sour quickly became my favorite. It was ‘sour’ good!😚👌🏽 

Other than the drinks and the music, there was an artist live-painting the Johnnie Walker striding man statue, arcade games available for guests to play, plus a merch redemption booth!🎨🎯🕹🛍🎁 All you need to do is share your Johnnie Highball Bar experience on social media and post with #JohnnieHIghballBar and tag @johnniewalkerph and you get a chance to win limited-edition Johnnie Walker x Wanderland merch!​🙌🏽

Thank you so much for having us, Team Johnnie Walker!🙏🏽

Check out the Johnnie Walker Highball Bar Molito Lifestyle Center open daily from 5pm to 12mn, and catch remaining live acts until September 11, Southies!​😃

📍 Courtyard @ Molito, Alabang, Muntinlupa
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   Experienced and Blogged by Southie Donna

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Johnnie Walker Highball Bar
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4 August, 2023
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