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Brain Exercise Club
Snippets of this Southie 'braining' it on for a fun and intense mental workout!🧠⚡️💪🏼

If I had to put into words my experience mentally training with Brain Exercise Club for a day, I think the perfect term would be 'mind'blowing.🧠⚡️
Watch a reel we made about it HERE.

I later found that it was not only a great opportunity to get some personalized workout for my brain within the confines of a cereb'room', but it also made me take a hard look at how I function in the real world: personally and professionally.😃

Here are all the things I 'lobed' about my 2-hour experience getting some brain exercise:
🧠 They had me answer a few questions to gain a bit of background about me and to assess my--shall I say--'mental state'? lol.
🧠 I was introduced to my very own brain trainer, Pia! She was so zen, patient, encouraging, and distinctly sharp.

🧠 Trainer Pia guided me into doing a series of fun, challenging, and intense games on the computer, that helped measure my Long-Term Memory, Working Memory, Visual Processing, Logic & Reasoning, Auditory Processing, Processing Speed, Attention, and English Word Attack skills, without making me feel like I was being tested at all!
🧠 Each time I found something too easy and Trainer Pia got so close to exclaiming "Whoa! 'Neuron' a roll, Donna!", she would then proceed to make my life harder than it already was. Haha! JK. She made sure the level of difficulty matched my performance, so adjustments had to be made when necessary.

🧠 They balance the manner in which exercises are done when you're enrolled in the program, so my trainer also prepared tabletop activities that were just as intense, but, in my opinion, was waaay more fun than those done via PC. Imagine completing puzzles by memory while counting to the beat??? I will never forget how hard I pushed myself to focus, so I could accomplish the task, despite the many distractions. Oh, man!
🧠 The experience at Brain Exercise Club made me realize that doing all those exercises regularly can teach me to be in the right headspace to focus on whatever information is being provided to me and to let go of my assumptions. 
🧠 The whole experience felt as if I was being taught how to properly and efficiently use my brain energy, and the more I did the exercises, the more confident and successful I became in completing the tasks.
🧠 All in all, a lot of it was a process of learning, re-learning, and unlearning. Such a profound experience!

A few more deets:
💡 Brain Exercise Club provides brain training programs for kids 7 years and up, adults, senior citizens, and especially those with reading and learning difficulties, as well as children with special needs.
💡 The SOUTHIEpreneurs behind the center put it up because of their passion for teaching and because they themselves have seen how much the program benefited their own kids.
💡Students interested in enrolling for the program get initial assessments and recommended hours to complete. 
READ MORE about the program HERE.

Thanks for giving my brains some brawn by letting me experience a sneak peek into your program, Team Brain Exercise Club!👀💪🏼 Special thanks to Tricia, Gem, and Pia for taking care of me while I was there.🙏

Check out this WHOAsome experience for yourself, Southies! Reach out to Brain Exercise Club at their center or on their socials.👇🏼
📍 153 Aguirre Ave, BF Homes, Paranaque
  @brainexerciseclub on IG 
  Brain Exercise Club on FB 

🧠💪🏼 Experienced by Southie Donna
 Blog by Southie Donna

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