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9 Can't-Miss Stops at SM City Sucat
Snippets of these Southies never sweating the s'mall' 'stops' in SM City Sucat!💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽🛍 🍿🎞🍽

I felt as if it'd been ages since the last time I've spent a full day at the mall, and it just seemed apropos I'd do so again with honorary Southie Ken in one of the OG landmarks in Parañaque: SM City Sucat.🏢 It was nice making a re-'Southie'scovery of the mall through its 'whoa'some New Wing and 'awe'mazing, newly-renovated cinemas!🙌🏽 The experience left me both pleasantly surprised and downright silly: the former, because I initially thought things in the mall stayed the same or have become dated; and the latter, because I found out I thought wrong and had clearly been missing out on a lot of new stores and recent upgrades. Ugh!😤

I wouldn't want my fellow Southies to feel the way I did, so we made it our mission to share our exciting experience with you starting with these 9 stops in SM City Sucat you absolutely CAN NOT miss!🤙🏽 

1. Dookki Philippines: We had veggies; we had shrimp; we had meats; we had fried rice: basically, you can say 'we did it all for the dookki' Tee-hee!😆  Probably every single thing that's both Korean and edible are found in this buffet, because the display is K-razyyy!😱🥢🇰🇷 We loved that everything they served was fresh and the staff was so well-versed with helping us navigate the menu and doing a good hot pot.🥹 This really made a difference because it could get overwhelming, esp if it's your first time. Our favorites were their fresh meats and the veggies esp their fish tofu, the sauces, and the clean and beautiful interiors. This Korean buffet experience was definitely A-O... K!😋🫰🏽
📍 2F Building B (New Wing), SM City Sucat
📱 @dookkiph on IG
👍🏽 Dookki Philippines on FB 

2. Romantic BaboyRomBab has become a staple for Unli Samgyup dates, and we can’t blame you: they do serve ‘sam’ gewd K-food and sides!👍🏽🇰🇷 I consider them one of the most consistent Korean unli places, in terms of taste and food quality, so having them here, for Southies to occasionally have something familiar in a space dominated by new spots, is quite reassuring. Our picks from our belly-busting lunch here were their woosamgyup, moksal, and smoked duck for the meats, and their steamed egg, kimchi, lettuce (so fresh!) and cheese dip!🥓 🥩 Awe'sam'!🫰🏽
📍 2F Building B (New Wing), SM City Sucat
👍🏽 Romantic Baboy SM City Sucat on FB  

3. Furniture Republic: Taking a breather from all that eating gives us the perfect opportunity to do a little bit of adulting in SM Sucat's new wing!🛒 We took a quick look around Furniture Republic's HUGE and fancy digs, and spotted lots of neat stuff any Southie would love to have and add to their spaces at home.🏠 Their selection is well-curated and appeared higher-quality than the regular furniture shop.👍🏽
📍 2F Building B (New Wing), SM City Sucat
📱 @furniturerepublicph on IG
👍🏽 Furniture Republic PH on FB 

4. llaollao: There were NO LONG LINES! I repeat: NO. LONG. LINES. Haha! Although foot traffic at the mall was busier than you'd expect on a week day and their kiosk is hard-to-miss with its eye-catching green logo, we didn't have to wait too long to have one of the most well-loved froyos in the land!🍦🤤 I, a llaollao virgin, tried their Sanum™, while Ken--a die-hard fan--had their medium tub. Ah! Perfect post-Korean-meal-slash-Barbie-pre-gaming treat!😗👌🏽
📍 Ground Level, Building B (New Wing), SM City Sucat
📱 @llaollaophilippines on IG
👍🏽 llaollao Philippines on FB 

5. SM Cinema SucatThis was definitely my most favorite stop, as we'd been waiting for weeks to finally catch Barbie.🥹💖 We didn't expect to be blown away by the fact that their movie theater was now this friggin' WHOAsome! Suuuper comfy seats (yes! they recline!), insaaaane leg room, big*ss screen, clean (both in appearance and in smell) and spacious theater & toilets, and legit sound quality.🙌🏽 At 342php per movie ticket, I say this is such a 'show'stealing deal!🎟😱
📍 3F Building A, SM City Sucat
📱 @sm_cinema on IG
👍🏽 SM Cinema Sucat on FB 

6. Ramen DaishoGet this, Southies: THIS is their first branch EVER in the south and it's a quaint little space on the 2nd floor of the New Wing! Their choice to not have a big dining area here seems apt for a ramen spot. Super enjoyed their gyozas (they have chicken and pork), as well as their Tonkotsu Ramen 🍜 which had a slightly less salty and more delicate broth, plus, man! That delightful chasu? I think I will remember for the rest of my life!🥹🫶🏽 Hahaha. What can i say? It was 'chasu' good!🤤
📍 2F Building B (New Wing), SM City Sucat
📱 @ramendaishosmsucatbranch on IG
👍🏽 Ramen Daisho SM Sucat Branch on FB  

7. Wangfu Chinese Café: You can never go 'wang' with choosing Chinese food on any occasion.😋🥢 Wangfu is a great option if you wanna try something new but still have the same familiar comfort of some good ol' Chinese. We enjoyed their dumplings 🥟, salted egg fried chicken, and Hainanese chicken! Also, spot their interiors! So sleek, modern, and clean!😍
📍 Ground Level Building B (New Wing), SM City Sucat
📱 @wangfuph on IG
👍🏽 Wangfu Chinese Café on FB 

8. Book King: This was super cool! Imagine National Book Store being in open, respectful relationships with MINISO, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and Macao Imperial Tea. LOL. For real! It's like a hybrid of your regular book store, but so much more!📚🖇☕️🍵🛒 They have their own café right inside the store, so it makes it pretty convenient for customers to hang around if they wanna enjoy iced or hot bevvies. We didn't wanna miss out so we stayed for a bit, and tried some of their bestsellers. Southie Ken loved their Hot Matcha Latte and how well-lit and cozy the place was.🫶🏽 I totally concur, plus I enjoyed their Chocolate Milk Tea, too. They also have fruit teas and iced coffees available in their cafe.
📍 2F Building B (New Wing), SM City Sucat
📱 @bookking_stnry on IG

9. Clyde's Bread & PastriesOur Southie Mall Day wouldn't be complete without grabbing a to-go snacks for when those late-night munchies hit.🥐 🍞🥖🛍️ Haha! We swung by Clyde's for a box of their assorted breads and headed home to freshen up, rest, and get ready for 'bread'time after a long, action-packed day!😮‍💨
📍 2F Building B (New Wing), SM City Sucat
📱 @clydesph on IG
👍🏽 Clyde's Bread & Pastries on FB  

💡Pro-Tips and more deets:
✅ Pay Parking is available for both Buildings A & B. You have to pay your parking tickets inside the mall: a flat rate of 30php. For Building A, it's between SM Store and SM Hypermarket Ground Level; while for Building B (New Wing), it's beside Yi Fang, Ground Level.
✅ We loved that their Cinema Lounge was neat, spacious, and well-lit!
✅ Ramen Daisho has ongoing promos you need to check out: Buy1 Ramen Get1 Miso Ramen & 1 Serving of Chicken Gyoza for 899php and Graduation Promo: Free Bowl of Junior Ramen until Sept 15, 2023.

✅ Book King gives away P20 Vouchers for each purchase per visit and they offer Membership Rewards/Loyalty Cards for both their book store and the cafe, as well.
⚠️ Expect a bit of a bottleneck with traffic near the Brgy Hall and Police Station along Sucat Road going to Ninoy Aquino Ave, as there is an ongoing construction of a flyover link to C5.
✅ For Southies like us living in Parañaque, we're seriously glad we now don't have to go to Alabang all the time just to have an elevated malling experience, cause SM City Sucat is just a stone's throw away from my place. I save a big chunk on travel time, and spend less for gas and parking + zero for toll fees!

Whew! We covered quite a lot in one day, it felt almost like we experienced m'all' the fun things we could possibly do for a whole year!😜 Can't believe I'm saying this, but I can't wait to do it again soon! Haha!

Thank you so much to our aweSM peeps from SM City Sucat and from our generous hosts in all 9 stops. You definitely made these Southies' Mall Day a s'top' notch experience!🫶🏽 🙌🏽

Check out SM City Sucat's socials to never miss out on any of the good 'stops' in the future.👇🏽 
📱 @smcity.sucat on IG
👍🏽 SM City Sucat on FB
📍 Doctor Arcadio Santos Avenue, corner Carlos P. Garcia Ave Ext, Parañaque

 Review by Southies Donna & Ken
 Blog by Southie Donna

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