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This Southie Gets Fully Vaccinated
Snippets of this Southie going back to get fully-vaxxed!💪🏼💉🩹✅

I was called to get my 2nd jab 2 days earlier than scheduled, probably because of the temporary suspension on 1st dose injections, as announced by the Parañaque LGU the other day.

📍 SM City Bicutan, Parañaque
💉 Sinovac (2nd dose)
📢 They sent me a text message before midnight that my schedule will be at 2pm the next day.
⏳ 1 hour and 30-45mins total
✔️Step 1: 1 hour queuing in the basement parking 
✔️Steps 2&3: 15-20 minutes: consultation + vaccination
✔️Step 4: 15 minutes: monitoring
🩹 Minimal side effect experienced; similar to my 1st dose, there was soreness in my left arm and shoulder, or the general area where the vaccine was injected. WATCH videos of my experience HERE.

💡 Getting fully vaccinated protects you against the virus and helps you develop an immunity to it. This means you can now easily fight it when exposed. This doesn’t mean you stop taking precautionary measures or that you don’t catch the virus at all, so continue to wear your masks, disinfect, and take your vitamins!💪🏼

This experience was a HUGE deal to me and our team as we are now 75% fully-vaccinated. Personally, I felt as if a lot of my anxieties and fears brought about by our whole ordeal with COVID-19 slowly start to fade and get replaced with a renewed sense of confidence and excitement to continue living a full life again. So deep, huh?😄 But you’ll see what i mean when you get to experience it, for yourself.😉 When you’re eligible, GO GET VACCINATED, Southies!💪🏼💉

Stay safe and healthy!😷🥽

 Blog by Southie Donna


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This Southie Gets Fully Vaccinated
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7 July, 2021
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