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Market Liberty
Snippets of these Southies taking their shoppers' high a notch further!🛍🛒🙌🏼

We still weren't over the fun shopping sesh we did at No Name PH, but we found ourselves doing more of it in Market Liberty in Evia Daanghari!🛍😛 We found it really cool that they had a wide range of items that could be great for any Southie. Whether you're into health, beauty, self-care, home improvement, or fashion, there is WHOAsome stuff for you!👌🏼

From what we saw, it's the perfect place for us to curate items for a gift box this Christmas.🎁 Swell idea, right?💡🤓 Also, what's great about Market Liberty is they house small businesses a la bazaar, so you don't only shop for things here, you also get to support local brands!🙌🏼

There are coffees, supplements, cleaning supplies, tableware, kitchen tools, art materials, clothes, appliances, snacks, and many more! Here are what our team scored:
🙋🏽‍♀️Southie Donna: Pyjamas, more socks, and some Kurin
🙋🏽Southie Aisha: Small oven, some Kurin, snacks, and disinfectant
🙋🏽‍♂️Southie Yani: Pot holders (A LOT of them! LOL) and some Kurin

Check them out for shopping ideas before the Christmas rush starts, Southies! And, if you're a Southiepreneur looking for a space to showcase your brand, you can collaborate with them today!🤗

The same company behind No Name is also having a Retail Innovation and Shopping Expo called VICON on December 3, 2021! Here’s what to expect in the biggest retail convention in the country:

• A Look at Key Retail and Mall Trends
• AllValue Innovation Showcase
• Networking in the New Age

Wait, there’s more! The day-long AllValue Shopping Party is set to give us all a chance to win Php 1 Million worth of exclusive promos and discounts!

Here's how you can gain an event pass: Simply go to https://thevicon.ph/ and register to secure your event slot. Register now because early birds will win exclusive gift vouchers and more from more than 30 brands!😱

See you virtually, Southies!👋🏼

📍Market Liberty, Evia Lifestyle Center
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 Experienced by Southies Donna, Aisha, and Yani
 Photos by Southie Yani 
 Blog by Southie Donna


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Market Liberty
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