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Car Camping Hacks for Pre-Christmas Trips
Snippets of these Southies sneaking in a quick family road trip and getaway right before the peak of the holidays!👨‍👩‍👦🐶🛻🛣

Just before it gets busy with all the Christmas celebrations with relatives and friends, no time can be more perfect than now to squeeze in an overnight camping trip with the fam: the calm, quiet, fresh air, and much-needed QT with the kiddos are a terrific way to kick off the holidays.🏕🏞🎄 Ain’t that right, Southies? 


To make your quickie camping trip smooth and yummy, we’re sharing this video for inspo and we’re adding a few pro-tips below!

✅ Book a campsite in advance and check accessibility within the area: Laguna, Cavite, and Quezon are perfect for car camping, while Batangas is suitable for beach camping.

✅ Invest in good camping gear: tents, sleeping bags, tables, chairs, and cooking & dining essentials. (Most campsites offer rentals, so best to inquire before booking.)

✅ Take SUVs or 4x4 vehicles, especially when roads to the campsites are steeper than normal.

✅ Plan your meals and bring easy-to-prepare food. Food packets are suuuuper simple to make and will surely get any member of the family to appreciate. 

✅ EXTRA PRO-TIP: Steal our Cheesedog Packet Pizza recipe below:
 ⏺ Prepare thinly-sliced potatoes, some pizza sauce, CDO Idol Cheesedog slices, green bell peppers, sliced onions, cheese, and some aluminum foil.
 ⏺ Place neat rows of thin-sliced potatoes on the foil. (4-5 across and down)
 ⏺ Spread some pizza sauce and cheese
 ⏺ Add generous slices of CDO Idol Cheesedog on top of the bed of potatoes.
 ⏺ Sprinkle with bell peppers, and onions.
 ⏺ Seal foil packet completely to make sure heat is contained.
 ⏺ Grill in medium heat for 12-15 minutes.
 ⏺ Unpack, serve, and enjoy!

✅ Double-check access to a power supply and good cellular reception in the campsite.

✅ Bring jackets, mosquito repellants, emergency lights, and lots of liquids.

✅ Set a gadget timeout for the kiddos during certain parts of the trip; play a few games or share some snacks and Christmas stories around a bonfire.

💡For more tips & ideas, DM us @southsnippets .

Have a lovely pre-holiday celebration with the family in the great outdoors, Southies!🎄😌

📍 Butter Ridge Campsite, Canlubang, Laguna
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Car Camping Hacks for Pre-Christmas Trips
South Snippets
4 August, 2023
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