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Alabang Town Center Favorites on Foodpanda
Snippets of some summer freshness and an overload of cuteness to brighten up your day, Southies!

Like most of you, probably, this Southie has also all been feeling down and wonky what with everything that's happening around us lately.

Thank goodness I got to take a little bit of time to relax and (re)freshen up with my fur bbs and some summery drinks from Yi Fang Tea in ATC!

How WHOAsome that I can still have my faves down Town, plus get a cool perk even without leaving the house! foodpanda and Alabang Town Center are giving Southies-slash-Townies a FREE 100-peso VOUCHER when they order for pickup or delivery with a minimum purchase of P399! We just have to use the code AYALAPICKUP before we check out via the foodpanda app.

Hope this little hack helps get you through the week, Southies! Hang in there! Know that we have each other to count on, especially on the toughest days.💚

Check out Alabang Town Center mall and store hours on their official Facebook page HERE.

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 Blog by Southie Donna


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Alabang Town Center Favorites on Foodpanda
South Snippets
6 April, 2021
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