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What's Up, Brew?
Snippets of this Southie counting on her favorite pick-me-uppers to stay 'grounded' in these crazy times.

It's important for me to take a few quiet moments off the screen each morning to stay sane these days, and while doing so, I appreciate having a proper cup of Joe in one hand and a piece of toast in the other. I’m grateful What’s Up, Brew? helps me--shall I say--live within my ‘beans’ with their noms line of freshly ground coffee ever since the start of this quarantine. 

Here are their blends we've tried so far:
☕️ Benguet Arabica
☕️ Italian Espresso
☕️ Kalinga Robusta
☕️ Mocha (NEW!)
☕️ Vanilla (NEW!)
☕️ Hazelnut (NEW!)

Each blend is available in Drip Coffee Packs (solo or in 12's) and Beans or Ground Packs (250g or 500g). I find it amazing that the bitterness of their blends was kept perfectly subtle, despite the strong coffee flavor. Your first whiff feels a lot like like walking in a bustling coffee shop on a swell Monday morning. Ah!😌 The Italian Espresso smells sweet and strong, but you'll totally fall in love with the Benguet Arabica cause it's the most 'aromatic' of them all. The Kalinga Robusta, tho, is a perfect match to me--strong, straightforward, but subtle. This Southie even made a video while concocting a glass of her favorite iced coffee with the Robusta blend just recently! Watch it HERE.

What's exciting is that a month ago, we got to try their new blends at the Homegrown Circle Fair in Alabang Town Center: Mocha, Vanilla, and Hazelnut. All of them were sooo noms, as expected, but I quickly took a strong liking to their hazelnut coffee. Really delicious and the hazelnut flavor was striking enough without overpowering the bitterness of the coffee. 

Another thing I love about What's Up, Brew? is the quality of their packaging and its overall look! Really sleek, but serves it’s purpose for proper storage. I think they have the best packaging I've seen so far among local brands

Thank you for giving us more ‘brew’tiful mornings and always 'mocha' me happy, What’s Up, Brew?!🙏🏼

Go on and take a ‘shot’, Southies! Check them out via their platforms below to order your brews or gift packs!

What’s Up, Brew? on FB
@whatsupbrewph on IG
What’s Up, Brew? online shop 

What's Up, Brew? is also a Homegrown Circle member. For more info about how you can become one yourself, enjoy exclusive perks, and join future fairs, contact Alabang Town Center via their official platforms below:
 Alabang Town Center on Facebook
 @alabangtowncenter on Instagram
 @alabangtowncntr on Twitter

 Coffee 'Brew'viewed by Southies Eliza & Donna
 Blog by Southie Donna


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What's Up, Brew?
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7 April, 2021
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