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Snippets of this Southie thinking some goodies just can't get 'batter' than these!🍪😋

We've had our fair share of baked treats since the pandemic started, and I kinda thought we've already had the best there is. How wonderful to be proven wrong after meeting this 'batch' from Two Teaspoons Bake Shop!😃

I was able to try 2 of their baked goodies, and here's what I think:

🍪 Chocolate Chunk Blondies
They were soft but crumbly, light, and had very nice texture. The sweetness of the dough was perfectly balanced by the bitterness of the chocolate and the saltiness of the salt sprinkles. I liked it a (choco)lot!😋🍫

🍪 Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies
They were soft and crumbly inside, a bit crunchy on the outside, plus the oats and cranberries added such a delightful chunky texture! The cranberries gave it a very subtle tartness that balanced the overall sweetness of the cookie. And, oh!  They were bite-sized, so you can just pop one and enjoy the whole cookie in one go! Sweet!😗👌 If there's anything out there that will never ever 'bake' your heart.... this? Is. It.🙌

Thank you so much for keeping us away from feeling crummy, Two Teaspoons!🙏

Check their socials and grab some for youselves, Southie! Their cookies are the 'zest'! For reals.🤙
📍 Paranaque
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🍪 Reviewed by Southie Aisha
 Blog by Southie Donna

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Two Teaspoons Bake Shop
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4 August, 2022
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