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Tommy and Timmy's
Snippets of pure MAGIC in a bottle of chili and garlic.

This Southie was ecstatic to be on the receiving end of Tommy and Timmy's fantastic Chili Garlic in Oil. Ah! This is the good stuff; this stuff is nothing short of magic, Southies. For reals.

This isn't like any of those chili and garlic oil you regularly buy. This one is more garlic THAN oil. The bottle is seriously full of garlic! It has a strong garlic flavor, and it's mildly spicy, chunky, and crispy. Perfect with rice or on top of your fave viands! I can't get enough of it. It's practically magic in a bottle! Haha! Delicious with sinangag and pancit.

Thank you for this magical experience, Tommy and Timmy's! I 'clove' you already!

Go check out their products, Southies! Just say Abra-cadabra-gar'click' below!

 Muntinlupa City
 Tommy and Timmy's Good Food and Baked Products
 Tommy and Timmy's 
 Product review by Southie Aisha.

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Tommy and Timmy's
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1 December, 2020
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