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The Spanish Mestiza
Snippets of this Southie goin' loca over comfort food cooked by one beloved Espan'Lola'.

It's not every day this Southie comes across legit Spanish cuisine. How awesome it was that the very few times I do, The Spanish Mestiza was one of those that came along, like an answered prayer from above! The SOUTHIEpreneurs behind this food business are grandchildren to a lovely Spanish lady who loved to cook comfort food for the family. They decided to start the business equipped with their special family recipe, because why not?Something THIS good should totally be shared.

They sent 4 of their specialties, and just a word of warning: EXPECT MAJOR FANGIRLING AHEAD. loool.

Callos a la Madrileña: This age-old family recipe of slow cooked stew passed down from generations is made with authentic Spanish ingredients. There's ox tripe, beef shanks, chick peas, tomatoes, bell peppers and Spanish chorizo in there, and, man! Spell G-E-N-E-R-O-U-S. It was well-cooked, the ox tripe was fork-tender, and the chorizo ¡es delicioso! *chef's kiss*

Potato Salad: When they said this was "overloaded with the finest ingredients", they weren't kidding. It was packed with potato chunks, shredded chicken, freshly boiled eggs to name a few. I pride myself in making a mean creamy potato salad, but I don't mind a little competition. *wink* Cause, OMG, Southies. THIS? It was definitely suuuper good! Everything was fresh, the crunch from the onions gave it an exciting texture, and I could not make myself stop. It was like a party in my mouth!

Rotisserie Chicken: Available in two flavors: garlic butter and fresh herbs, and I got to try the latter. I have no idea which herbs they put in there, and I honestly do not care! LOL. It was sooo good--definitely NOT ordinary! I could tell the chicken was well-marinated, because the meat was super tasty, plus it was moist, tender, and the aroma was irresistable! To all you other roasted chickens out there: this is me breaking up with you, cause I found someone new. 'Rotisserie' not sorry!

Creamy Leche Flan: After all the goodness that you've read, you'd wish this Spanish meal would never end, but alas! It does. The good news is you can always do it with this 'sweet ending' (Pun 100% intended. Hee-hee!). It had a smooth, creamy texture, plus just the right amount of sweet. You can easily finish the whole thing in one sitting, but hey! When something is this tasty, you can't help but go YOLO--You Only Llanera Once. Hahaha!

Thank you sooo much for that wonderful meal, The Spanish Mestiza! You are now our favorite Espan'Lola'. <3

Go check them out, Southies! It's high time you enjoy Spanish food that's exquisito! Follow and reach out to them on their socials below:

 The Spanish Mestiza on Facebook
 @TheSpanishMestiza on Instagram
 Product review by Southie Donna.

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The Spanish Mestiza
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6 December, 2020
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