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Snippets of snacks you 'corn' count on for Netflix-and-chill kinda nights.🍿💻📺

'Corn' you believe it, Southies? There's now a Taters in BF Homes!😱 WOOT!🙌🏼 This Southie was super ecstatic to hear she can now enjoy her favorite shows on Netflix and Amazon quite a bit like old times! Cinemas have been closed for way too long now due to quarantine restrictions, so I've really missed watching movies in Commercenter or Alabang Town Center with a bag of Taters popcorn in tow!🎞🍿

For this review, I'll do something a lil bit different: I'm rating my favorite flavors AND recommending a Netflix/Amazon show to match! [Go to the end of this review for my #1 Flavor or WATCH me rate them on this TikTok video HERE.]

#4: Sour Cream n' Chives 🍿🌱
I'm not a fan of sour stuff, but this wasn't unpleasant at all!👍🏼 The sourness was subtle, and it was a nice surprise that the more I ate it, the more I enjoyed it. This made me think of It's Okay to Not Be Okay on Netflix. I am not big on Korean shows, but I'm a huge fan of their movies. This show was a revelation because of how it managed to address a serious topic like mental health with great research and so much sensitivity, as well as balance it with some levity and some Tim Burton-esque aesthetics.👌🏼 WATCH it on Netflix HERE.

#3: White Cheddar 🍿🧀
I love how delicate the cheese flavor is for this one! It does have that sharp quality to it, but with an air of sophistication. (whut?! lol) But really, that's how I'd best describe it. Just like The Crown on Netflix. Oh, man! This is one of my all-time favorite shows EVAR! So well-researched, well-written, well-acted, and well-casted!🙌🏼 Despite it being a historical drama, it doesn't take away from the drama and the mystery of the events and the characters. WATCH it on Netflix HERE.

#2: Texas Barbecue 🍿🔥
It's smoky, tangy, robust, and full of spirit! It's a great change from having the subtle flavors, cause now you get to taste some 'character' in your snack. Much like The Boys on Amazon Prime. One of THE best things I've watched during the quarantine.🙌🏼👍🏼👌🏼 Such a refreshing departure from the usual superhero shows/movies! Altho they touch on a number of relevant serious issues of our time: capitalism, influence, sexual harrassment, social media, and all that sort of stuff; they really know how to put a lot of spunk and humor into the show. WATCH it on Amazon Prime HERE.

#1: Nacho Cheese 🍿🧀
My bias is really showing here, cause I just loooove cheese on everything! LOL. Taters' Nacho Cheese is a favorite of mine because it is nothing like your usual cheese-flavored popcorn: it's sharper, more tangy, a bit more salty, plus it leaves more cheese on them fingers for optimum satisfaction.😅🤪 (Err, that didn't come out right. Loool!) Having anything with cheese is such a no-brainer; watching anything with Amy Poehler? Same energy!🙌🏼 Whether you've already watched Parks and Recreation or not, this 'corn'medy never gets old. This is a terrific show to watch when cabin fever gets very real, Southies. It's such a mood-enhancer: it's silly, extremely funny, and it can get a bit cheesy at times, but never cringey!😌👌🏼  WATCH it on Amazon Prime HERE.

Thank you so much for making this quarantine a little more bearable, Taters BF Homes!😌🙌🏼

Stock up on snacks for this weekend's movie/TV show marathons, Southies! Check out their socials below.

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 Review and blog by Southie Donna


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22 April, 2021
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