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Tapa el Gordo

Snippets of your Pinoy brekky favorites straight from Taal

Tapa El Gordo is at the ‘tapa’ their game when it comes to comfort breakfast food!

Beef Tapa: This Southie is a fan of dry, chewy, and tangy tapa. This version isn’t the commercial-type tapa that’s saucy and super sweet. This one is well-marinated and the beef is *seriously* tasty! This is my definition of what real tapa should be!

Pork Tapa: Also well-marinated, plus the meat was tender and tasty! I’m just more of a beef tapa fan, so that guy really took my full, undivided attention!

Longganisa (Adobo sa bawang): Up until this fella came along! Subtle garlic flavors and a hint of a unique sweet taste with a bit of tang made me pause and take more spoonfuls of rice to match it with!

Thank you so much, Tapa El Gordo, for letting us try your delicious #TapangTaal and longganisa!

Go check out their page  Tapa El Gordo and PM them to inquire and to order, Southies!

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Tapa el Gordo
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15 October, 2020
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