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Sweet Tooth Baker
Snippets of something sweet we ‘carrot’ resist to eat!🍰🥕

Thanks to _sweettoothbaker, this Southie got a chance to have some ‘veggies’ in her body lol.😅 I admit, carrots are one of the veggies I dislike eating but this cake changed my mind!🙌🏼👍🏼 I enjoyed every bite without realizing I already ate ¼  of the tub.🤪 Here’s what I loved about it:

🥕You 'batter' believe it! Each bite was loaded with carrot bits.😗👌🏼 
🥕It was incredibly moist but so filling. Ground'baking'!😱
🥕Deliciously sweet! It’s got some flavors of sweet spices and nuts (?)😲🥜
🥕It was topped with rich cream cheese frosting.🧁 Noms!👄👅

Thanks so much for the 24-'carrot' gold experience, _sweettoothbaker!🍰🥕💍

Go and check them out for this Sunday's dessert treat, Southies!👇🏼 
📍Gen Trias, Cavite
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 @_sweettoothbaker on IG

   Blog and review by Southie Eliza


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Sweet Tooth Baker
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15 May, 2021
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