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Swafta's Shawarma
Snippets of this SOUTHIEpreneur spicing up your Valentine's!

This Valentine's Day, celebrating sweet and adding a little spice can both be nice! This Southie found a lot of rhyme and 'season' behind having Swafta's Shawarma for your love month celebration this February; one of them is simply this: IT IS DAMN GOOD!🙌🏼😋  

Got to try a lot of their stuff and here are my reactions:

🌯Beef Shawarma
It had chunks of chewy beef, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and onions. It was aromatic and tasty, you can call it 'cow'mazing!👌🏼

It was sooo cheesy and creamy, what's not to love?! Make sure to heat it up a bit to make the cheese bubbly. You'll thank me later. 😉

🍗Chicken Biryani
The chicken was moist, soft, and mildly seasoned. I found it a bit astonishing that the star of the dish was the rice: long grain basmati, evenly seasoned, surprisingly spicy, at first, but your tongue gets used to it. Strangely enough, it makes you keep eating more! Biryani? More like bir'yummy'!😋😉😜 I can't get over the fact that I actually saw the chicken as the side dish to the rice. *mind blown*

🌯Chicken Shawarma
This was my first time to try, but I'm partial to it because of the difference in texture vs beef shawarma. It's a much lighter option in terms of flavor and texture. You should definitely 'chicken' this version out!

🍗Roast Chicken
Another dish that really brought out the character of Swafta: legit seasoning/spices!

Thank you for sha'warming' our heart with your sweetness and generosity, Swafta's Shawarma!🙏🏼

Check out their socials for their menu and on how to order for your Valentines!👇🏼

📍Alabang, Muntinlupa
 Swafta's Shawarma Alabang Muntinlupa Branch on FB
 @swaftas_shawarma on IG

  Review by Southie Aisha
 Blog by Southie Donna


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Swafta's Shawarma
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13 February, 2022
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