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Spiek'd MNL
Snippets of one deliciously-spiked pie catching this Southie's eye!🥧🥭😋

'Crust' me when I say this fruit pie is 'mango'nificent!🥭😗👌 As someone born and raised in the neighboring province of one that's famous for the freshest and the sweetest mangoes in the country, I can definitely say Spiek'd MNL's Boozy Mango Pie is filled with perfectly-ripe ones, plus it's got that subtly distinct flavor I haven't tasted anywhere else! Their secret? *d'rhum'rolls please* A hint of rhum!😱🥃


I'm not that into pastries, but this one I particularly loved, because the mangoes they put in it were so fresh and sweet, plus the crust was perfectly flaky... it was 'flake'tastic! 🙌 What gave it that extra oomph was the v pleasant after-taste courtesy of the rhum. Now, we know why they call it Spiek'd! LOL.

Thank you so much for baking something close to 'pie'fection, Spiek'd MNL! 🙏

Go spy with your own two eyes this deliciously-spiked fruit pie with fresh, sweet mangoes and a little bit of rhum inside, Southies!👇

📍 Paranaque
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   Review and Blog by Southie Donna

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Spiek'd MNL
South Snippets
10 August, 2022
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