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Shef Sa South
Snippets of comforting delicacy that’s too ‘pudd’ to be true.😉

These Liliw-style goodies by Shef sa South helped this Southie in effortlessly ‘pudding’ up with cabin fever brought upon by the extended community quarantine. I heard that the recipe for this was passed on to them by their grandma’s mom (great grandma!) No wonder each bite was so comforting! It is nothing like the usual pudding we can get from our local panaderias, but, rather, it tasted like leche flan na mabigat sa tyan! Haha! (Not complaining, but these generous SOUTHIEpreneurs keep spoiling my low-carb diet. hmpf! LOL.)

Shef sa South sent over their original, cheese, and choco chip bread puddings which were all addictively good! 

🥧Original - The top is kinda toasty which makes it more addicting. Imagine eating leche flan-borderline-egg pie with a toasted top. Amazingly gooood!

🥧Cheese - The saltiness of the cheese and the sweetness of the bread pudding is a match made in heaven.😍

🥧Choco Chip - If you’re more into the sweeter side of the scale, this one’s perfect for you. It feels like our lola’s hug--warm and sweet.🤗 (Also, this cute lil thang in the last photo couldn't seem to resist crashing my shoot, perhaps waiting for some crumbs under the table. lol.)

These bread puddings come in 2’s per box but if you think 2 won’t be enough, they’re also available in round cake sizes.
You might also wanna try @shefsasouth’s BMAC (Bacon Mac ‘n Cheese) which is available in trays good for 2-3 pax.

Thank you sooo much for letting me try these babies with my BB Shuri, Shef sa South

Go check out their socials to inquire and order some for yourselves, Southies!

📍Las Piñas
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  Food review and blog by Southie Eliza


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Shef Sa South
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13 April, 2021
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