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Samgyup on the Way
Snippets of mouthwatering Korean BBQ and side dishes that will make you say "mashisseoyo" (delicious)!

Craving for K-BBQ coz you've been watching too much K-drama? We do! Samgyup on the way let us have a K-BBQ experience right at the comfort of our home. Here's what we got in the package:

Beef Set (good for 4 pax but the servings were so generous that it fed 7 hungry people)

Beef Bulgogi - We dove right into this after grilling it. They were thin and meltingly tender slices of beef, best eaten with the scallion salad or other sides, and of course, CHEESE🧀! The meat absorbed the marinade well so the flavors exploded inside our mouth. This is what K-BBQ is all about!

Enoki Beef - These are little rolls of magic!✨ We seared them for a few minutes, then we were rockin' and rollin'!🤘 The meat was tender and the enoki mushrooms were bouncy -- an interesting combination of texture.

Side dishes:

Lettuce - We noticed the generous amount of fresh lettuce right away. What is samgyupsal without the lettuce, right? They made sure there's enough for everyone.

Cheese - We loved how bighearted they were with the cheese servings.

Japchae - These delicious slurpy noodles have a perfect combo of sweetness and saltiness. 

Kimchi - It was perfectly seasoned and it balanced the greasiness of the meat. PRO-TIP: grill the kimchi too.

Other sides: Fishcake, Potato Marble, Scallion Salad

Kamsahamnida for filling our tummies with this impressive Korean spread!

If you're having second thoughts of having samgyupsal, THIS IS THE SIGN you've been waiting for.  For inquiries and orders, you may reach them at:

 280 Aguirre, BF Homes
 Samgyup on the way on FB
 @samgyupontheway on IG
 Product review by Southie Yani.




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