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Sally's Authentic Bicol Express
Snippets of everything Bicol in a bottle.

You ain't Pinoy if you haven't even had Bicol express once or twice in your life. This Southie, no matter how low her tolerance for spice is, has always loved having some every now and then. But having a lovely old lady named Sally sweet-talk us into trying their bottled versions called Sally's Authentic Bicol Express? Well... How could one resist?!

Not only was Mommy Sally a bundle of joy to chat with--and a great cook at that--she was also one helluva salesperson! She convinced a couple of us to try almost all variants she had available. Ready for some Bicol in a bottle, babyyy?

🥄Bicol Express Pork (Spice level: 🌶🌶🌶): This is their OG variant and I must say, for a non-spicy eater, it packs quite a punch! It was hella spicy for me to take, but dayuuum! It was noms cause I just could not stop eating. LOL. 

🥄Bicol Express Laing (Spice level: 🌶): Now *this* was more my speed! Subtly-spiced and quite nice. I always love pairing my fried faves with laing-topped rice and this is pretty cool cause it came in a bottle: I could have it any time I craved for it!

🥄Bicol Express Santol (Spice level: 🌶): This is one of their newest variants. It was savory cause you could really taste the coconut milk. The texture was soft and I believe there was no bagoong in this. Tasty!

🥄Bicol Express Smoked Native Chicken (Spice level: 🌶): Well, hello! This was recently-launched and I believe I found a winner-winner-chicken-dinner flavor here! This was soooo noms and perfectly-spiced that I just couldn't resist the extra (extra, extra?) rice! Huhuhu! But it was #SoWorthIt! I am betting my cute, perky a** on this, so grab a bottle or two, southies! Also, ready lotsa rice on the side. LOL. You're welcome.

🥄Mango Hazelnut Jam: You may think this seemed out of place because there's no Bicol Express flavor in this bottle, but make no mistake about it, this is another definite must-try! It was not too sweet, just perfect with your morning pan de sal! It had a natural consistency, not jelly-ish like commercial jams you usually buy from the store. Yummers!

Thank you so much for letting us try you super noms creations, Mommy Sally!

They frequent bazaars all over the metro, but since we're still in lockdown, reach out to them via their socials below to order!

 Sally's Bicol Express on FB
 @sallysauthenticbicolexpress on IG

We discovered Sally's Authentic Bicol Express at the Homegrown Circle Fair last Feb 26 to Mar 1. For more info about how you can become a Homegrown Circle member, enjoy exclusive perks, and join future fairs, contact Alabang Town Center via their official platforms below:
 Alabang Town Center on Facebook
 @alabangtowncenter on Instagram
 @alabangtowncntr on Twitter

 Food Reviewed by Southies Aisha & Donna
 Blog by Southie Donna



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Sally's Authentic Bicol Express
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4 April, 2021
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