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Romantic Donkatsu and Romantic Korean Hotdog
Snippets of the south having the best weather... you can say, it was raining 'katsu' and hot'dogs'!

This Southie's romance with Korean food started many years ago, but it's been limited to my having the regular samgyupsal and the occasional bulgogi and kimbap. These days, however, my love for this cuisine has only gotten stronger because of my K-razy friends who introduced me to delicious Korean dishes and awesome Korean restos.  With the latter, I believe I've found my 'Seoul'mates in very few 'K-inans' in the South: Awon Korean Restaurant in Commercenter Alabang and Romantic Baboy. Because of those reasons, I've grown to love bibimbap, pajeon, and even those spicy banchan*, like kimchi or steamed okra drizzled with gochujang. (O-K-R-A. IKR?! I've rejected this vegetable all my life and now I can't get enough of it! I bet if the okra could talk, it'd ask "So who's laughing now?")! 

I got extremely excited when I heard Romantic Group has recently launched 2 new food concepts in the south: Romantic Donkatsu and Romantic Korean Hotdog, and I got to try both in one day! So... how excited was I? Surely, excited enough to dance to Gettin' Jjigae Wit It. (I have a strict no-dancing-video rule, so sorry to disappoint if you got curious. LOL) 

Now on to the task at hand...
Romantic Donkatsu

Pizza Donkatsu: Think S&R's Combo pizza topping on top of tender fried pork cutlet. Noms! It was fun, delicious, and could easily be any carnivore’s kind of main. The pork was moist and soft, and the crust was crisp, as one would expect. Also, the cheese topping was phenomenal!

Original Donkatsu: If you like your donkatsu vanilla, you can order this served with their special donkatsu sauce on the side. I'm happy with the pork alone, actually, but pouring some of their special sauce on it gives it that much-needed oomph!  The sauce was akin to something tomato-ey sans the sourness which anyone can definitely appreciate.

Kimchi Rice: Kimchi Rice with cheese inside? WHUT?! I mean, WOW. I didn't expect that AT ALL.  That surp'rice' was definitely a great touch!👌🏼 Their kimchi rice had the right amount of spice, and the delicious gooey cheese kind of balanced it well. The crispy shreds of  fried seaweed added terrific texture to it, too.

 Romantic has one THE best kimchis in town, and trust me, I only like a few. So delicious, perfect for a non-spicy, picky eater like me.
 Their Donkatsu is served with side dishes (shredded cabbage, pickled cucumber, kimchi, mashed potato and corn), bread, strawberry jam, and soup.

Romantic Korean Hotdog

Flavors I tried: Double Cheese, Mozzarella, and Mozza Potato
Dips: Sweet Chili, Honey Mustard, Cheese, Sriracha, and Tomato

The crusts were the right crisp and they were more enjoyable to me when dipped. Their honey mustard dip was OMG noms! Their hotdog inside was undeniably delicious, which is why I kept wishing they were bigger or longer. (LOL. Behave your brain!) I love their kind of mozzarella so much. I believe it's the same thing they used in the Pizza Donkatsu and Kimchi Rice, which was--for lack of a better word--nice. Hee-hee!

Thank you for a 'romantic' Korean meal just in time for February, Romantic Group!

Check out their locations and socials, because they're worth it, Southies. 'Kimchi' see? ;)

Romantic Donkatsu
📍Korea Town, 3rd Floor, Ayala Malls Manila Bay, Paranaque
 Romantic Donkatsu on FB
 @romanticdonkatsu on IG

Romantic Korean Hotdog
📍GF Victory Food Market, Redemption Road, Baclaran, Paranaque
 Romantic Korean Hotdog on FB
 @romantickoreanhotdog on IG

*Banchan - "a collective name for small side dishes served along with cooked rice in Korean cuisine" via Wikipedia.

  Blog and Review by Southie Donna


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Romantic Donkatsu and Romantic Korean Hotdog
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