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Pipol's Chicken Wings
Snippets of this Southie enjoying a terrific 'fried'day.🍗🔥🍊🥚🧄

I think we can all agree that it's rare to find a person who doesn't love chicken, amiright?? I mean, I would be pretty happy to call myself 'fowl'-mouthed. LOL. I'm so glad I got to experience Pipol's Chicken Wings, since I got intrigued that they don't offer the unli stuff and I'd mostly see only unli-wing places here in the south. Oooh! And the plot 'chickens'! They also feature one Mystery Sauce every week, so that's pretty exciting!🙌🏼

They sent us the following flavors: 🍗🔥Smoky BBQ, 🍗🥚Salted Egg, 🍗🧄Soy Garlic, and, this week's mystery sauce, 🍗🍊Orange Chicken. 

The first thing I noticed was the size--they used big and meaty chicken wings, not the usual skinny ones. I guess we can call these 'Chick' AND treat!😱 Their serving size is definitely good for sharing with the family. Great value for money!💰 The chicken was cooked really well; there were no bloody parts and the meat was moist.👍🏼

Their soy garlic, smoky BBQ and salted egg were pretty standard, but the orange chicken really stood out!😗👌  It was tangy and sweet, milder than the usual lemon chicken.😋 I really feel lucky I got to taste  this week's mystery sauce, and I hope it becomes a staple!🤗

 They are open for collabs, esp when it's for giving back to the community (frontliners, less privileged). How awesome are these guys?! *i cri*
 They pride themselves with serving bigger, better flavored wings, and not banking on unli deals.
 They require advance payment for orders to protect their business from online scammers.
 All their sauces are homemade; a fresh batch is made weekly. PLUS, they have a new Mystery Sauce every week!
 5 flavor staples: Buffalo, Smoky BBQ, Garlic Parmesan, Salted egg, Honey lemon. (Past Mystery Sauces: Mango Habanero, Sweet Mustard, Korean, Soy Garlic, Orange Chicken)
 Prices: 12 pcs (up to 3 flavors) - 400 // 16 pcs (up to 4 flavors) -530 // 24 pcs (up to 6 flavors) - 800 // Blue cheese dip - 40  // Garlic ranch - 40

'Cluck' in this weekend and grab these legit wings, Southies!

📍 Sto Nino Village Tunasan Muntinlupa
 Pipol's Chicken Wings on FB
 @pipolschickenwings on IG
 Call/SMS 09564362491
 Open on weekends only (Friday-Sat-Sun) 

 Review by Southie Aisha 
 Blog by Southie Donna


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Pipol's Chicken Wings
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30 April, 2021
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