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Pasticcino PH
Snippets of some 'pasta'tivity in the form of noms noodle dishes.🍝

This Southie has been trying to cut down on carbs but these treats from Pasticcino PH are just im'pasta'ble to resist! 😅 I was so delighted that I got to try their 3-cheese pasta, Kung Pao Chicken Pasta, and chili finger bacon wrap. Let me count the ways Pasticcino 'pasta' test:

🥓🌶 Chili Finger Bacon Wrap
Pasticcino’s take on the ‘dynamite’ is on another level. Why? Cause it's the bomb! (see what i did there?😉) The smokey sweet flavors of bacon were a perfect blend to the spicy and salty flavors of the chili fingers. It’s got a kick of hot and spicy which makes it a perfect appetizer or pulutan (but boo cause alcohol ban! huhu!). 

🍝3-Cheese Spaghetti
Who loves cheese? Me! Who loves pasta? Me! That’s why this was just so irresistible it's pre'pasta'rous! Aside from being loaded with cheese, its taste brought me to a quick trip down the memory lane when I used to attend birthday parties with my homies. Well, what I really wanna say is this is a must-have in your family meals because I’m sure that everyone, both kids and adults, will love this!

🍝Kung Pao Spaghetti
Who would’ve thought that kung pao and spaghetti noodles would make a fine pair? This unique pasta dish is both savory and spicy (but not overly spicy). It’s the perfect blend of sweet and heat wrapped into one flavor-bursting pasta dish. So 'pao'tastic!

Thank you so much for sending over these delizioso food, Pastaccino! This will definitely not be the last, so 'pasta' la vista, baby! xoxo

If you're thinking of trying them next time, southies, make it tomorrow! Check them out on their socials to order.

📍Las Pinas
 Pasticcino on FB
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  Food review and blog by Southie Eliza


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Pasticcino PH
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8 April, 2021
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