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NLS - Naomi Loves Sweets
Snippets of perfect treats for the holiday season!🎄🎁

NLS (Naomi Loves Sweets) sent us an early Christmas treat that not only Naomi loves, but we're sure everyone else also does, including us!

💝Caramel Bars: They instantly became the darling of the crowd.🙌 They're chewy, moist and heavenly. Couldn't keep my hands to myself, I just kept reaching out to get more!😁

💝Puto Pao: What's a Pinoy party without puto?🇵🇭 NLS' puto paos have white soft buns filled with pork asado chunks and topped with a slice of salted egg. Every bite was divine 😇because it was full of flavors plus it's filling enough to satisfy your hunger.

💝Ube Cheese Cupcake: This ube-cheese treat tastes like my favorite ube-cheese icecream!💜💛 The cupcakes were soft and moist, they melted inside my mouth while the nuts (toppings) added some texture to it. Pro tip: Pair it with a tall glass of milk.🥛

Thank you so much, NLS, for letting us try your homebaked treats! We definitely loved each of them.

Check out their other products or send them a DM on IG for your inquiries and orders!

📍Las Piñas 
 @nls_naomi_loves_sweets on IG 
 Product review by Southie Eliza.


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NLS - Naomi Loves Sweets
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8 December, 2020
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