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My Little Oven By Simplicity
Snippets of noms cookies that 'bake' you feel like a fun kid again!

In the age of air-fryers and hi-tech food processors, pugon-baking remains to be a fascinating process to most, and many even consider it as an art-form. During the recent Homegrown Circle Fair in Alabang Town Center, this Southie was really happy to see that it's still very much alive in the form of these delicious Minasa Cassava Cookies by My Little Oven by Simplicity.

Minasa Cassava Cookies: I couldn't help but enjoy the cookies like a giddy kid would! They were super tasty and soft, and the sweetness was juuuust right! If I compared it with other cookies I've tried (butter cookies or uraro), this one is much finer in texture, and don't break easily. I guess when they said "Tough cookies never crumble," they really meant that. *wink* Also, how awesome was it that they used cassava bags for their products?

Thank you for baking care of our snacks at the fair, My Little Oven!

Go grab some of these cassava cookies, Southies! Not only are you supporting a promising SOUTHIEpreneur, you 'dough' it to yourself to bring out your playful side and have nice things in life during these truly weird times.

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My Little Oven By Simplicity
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6 March, 2021
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