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Snippets of noms str'eats' consumed safely at home!🍡🍢😋

I haven't had streetfood in a while because * pandemic *, and I just can't express how delighted I am with Mommy Tin's goodies!🤤🤗 I get to enjoy the whole streetfood experience I love (complete with the tusok-tusok stick!) right at home! WOOT!🙌🏼 

Mommy Tin's Homemade Kitchen sent us some of their delicious products! Read on to find out what I think about all of 'em. [You can also watch my experience via a 29-second TikTok video HERE.]

They were sooo flavorful with all the spices and aromatics in them!😗👌 

Fishball sauces
I've tried buying bottled sauces from the supermarket, but I was often left disappointed. These, though, could right out compete with our friendly neighborhood manong fishball's special sauce!😋 'Sauce' good!👅

 Theirs is packed with vegetables unlike others' that's all skin. They tasted fresh and the veggies kept their crunch. Lumpi'amazing'!🫔🙌🏼

Suuuper noms! Theirs is sooo much better than some branded dumplings available in the market now. For realz.👌

So much fun! I got to make my own glass of samalamig and decided how sweet I wanted it.🥤💦😌 Look at me, Kuya. I am the captain now. Hee-hee!🤪

Crispy Chili Garlic 
Aside from making it the usual sawsawan, it's a good addition to dishes. I tried adding some to my adobo, and also to sweet chili shrimps, and it enhanced the flavors nicely!🌶🧄👍🏼

💡Make sure to check their labels. They place storage instructions for your reference.
💡They manufacture the following products: D’Original Fishball sauce, Crispy Chili Garlic in Olive Oil, Sawsaw Suka, Samalamig gulaman syrup and ready-to-cook Lumpiang Togue ni Nanay which are guaranteed homemade with no MSG and no PRESERVATIVES.
💡They initially sold it online but because of the high demand, they put up their own physical store to sell their ready-to-eat street foods.

Thank you so much for these noms str'eats', Mommy Tin's Home Kitchen!🙏🏼

Don't miss out on these super noms goodies, Southies! Check them out on their socials so you can grab some for yourselves!👇🏼

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  Review by Southie Aisha
  Blog by Southie Donna


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