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Mara's Homemade Hummus
Snippets of creamy and flavorful dips that will make you say "'Hummus' where my heart is!"

These tasty Middle Eastern dips/spreads in different flavors by Mara's Homemade Hummus made every afternoon snack (sometimes brunch, or late-night snack) so extra and healthy!

Knowing they're rich in protein, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly, this Southie grabbed the chance to eat 'healthier' lol! Mara's hummus is the perfect dip to go with pita, of course, (which she makes herself, too, btw). They're great, as well, with chips, veggie sticks, and even toasts! There are plenty of snacks you can pair it with and, since it's versatile, you can also use it as an ingredient in some dishes like pasta, quesadillas, tostadas or pizza.😋

We had the chance to have a hummus-a-thon and got to try these flavors:

Plain/Original: It's all-around dip; you can use it as a base the add your fave herbs or spices. 

Sundried Tomatoes & Basil🍅🌱 : This is a personal favorite! No wonder this is one of their bestsellers.🙌🏼 The combination of sundried tomatoes and basil brightened up the flavors. This could be perfect for your pastas and sandwiches! 🍝 🥪 

Pesto: Pestoholics, this one's for ya! Even if you're not fond of pesto-tasting stuff, you'll still love this because the flavors aren't too strong. It has that creamy taste plus that familiar hint of pesto.💚

Balsamic: This one's the perfect dip for focaccia.

Mild 🌶️ : If you want to add a little kick on your taste buds and spice up your meal a bit, you gotta try this. 

Wild 🌶️🌶️🌶️ : Need I say more? If you're in for a wild ride, this is' hummus'-try! 

Just like its maker, Mara the ballerina, each ingredient danced gracefullly with each other, and made the hummus downright delicious! Words can't express 'hummus' I loved these babies! You'll understand what I mean once you get to try 'em, too. Go check her out on IG and send her a DM to order, Southies! 

Mara's Homemade Hummus
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📍Alabang, Muntinlupa City

  Blog & Review by Southie Eliza

We discovered Mara's Homemade Hummus at the Homegrown Circle Fair last Feb 26 to Mar 1. For more info about how you can become a Homegrown Circle member, enjoy exclusive perks, and join future fairs, contact Alabang Town Center via their official platforms below:
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Mara's Homemade Hummus
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