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La Carnita Modern Mexican Express + Chachago BF Aguirre
Snippets of this Taiwanese and Mexican pairing that just made this Southie ex'tea'remely happy!🇹🇼🇲🇽🥰

Although good milk teas aren't really that difficult to find, I always get excited, when I get to experience new Mexican places, as there aren't a lot of those here in the south. And, frankly, who doesn't love good Mexican?! I almost went 'loca' after hearing La Carnita Modern Mexican Express and Chachago, both in BF Aguirre, were sending over their stuff!🙌🏼🤪

Here are what I got to try from both:

🇹🇼Chachago Milk Tea

🧋Chachago Pearl Milk Tea
Pretty much the standard milk tea, but I could really taste the milk, which I like, so if you're a fan of milky stuff, safe to say, 'boba'lik-balikan mo sya.😋

🥤💦California Mix Fruit Tea
So fresh and tangy! It was hot that day, so this was a really good cooler!👍🏼

🇲🇽La Carnita Modern Mexican Express:

🧀🥗Nachos Ala Bomba 
I liked how the nachos were kept in its plastic packaging for food safety. It also kept the nachos crisp. The sauce was meaty, light and, how do I say it, fluffy? Cause it's practically 'nacho' typical sauce that's nakaka-umay.👌🏼 You know what I mean?😅 

🌮Mexican Street Tacos
They were the perfect size, so they were easy to handle! We all know how messy eating tacos can get, so this was a plus.👍🏼 The meat was soft, very flavorful, and smoky.😗👌🏼 I don't need to wait for Taco Tuesdays anymore, cause I could eat these all day, every day!🤤 LOL

🫓🧀Plain Cheese Quesadilla
The tortilla was flaky, which gave it an interesting texture. There were lots of gooey cheese and it was still good even after it got cold. If you like what you've just read, then 'cheese' one is definitely perfect for you!👍🏼

Thank you so much for feeding me, La Carnita and Chachago BF Aguirre!

Grab some for yourselves by ordering for delivery, Southies! Check out their store deets below, as well as their other branches in the south.

 📍BF Homes Aguirre, Parañaque
  Chachago BF Aguirre on FB
  @chachagobfaguirre on IG
  La Carnita Modern Mexican Express - BF Aguirre on FB

Socials for other branches in the south:

 Chachago Milk Tea in Better Living Parañaque on FB

 La Carnita Express in Better Living Parañaque on FB

 La Carnita Express Pilar Village Las Piñas on FB 

  Review by Southie Aisha
 Blog by Southie Donna


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La Carnita Modern Mexican Express + Chachago BF Aguirre
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25 August, 2021
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