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Kitchenella Manila
Snippets of your classic Pinoy favorites elevated to another level up there

Great stories have personality. If heaven had little kitchens built here on Earth, perhaps Kitchenella Manila would be one of them! For reals, Southies!👌🏼🤤

Spicy Pork Laing: This Southie can really taste the coco milk, and the bagnet is crispy even though it's been sitting in the sauce for some time. Noms!

PRO-TIP: You can adjust its spiciness. Just mix the chilies in.

Kare-Kareng Bagnet: Its sauce is thick and peanutty. It was slightly sweet & just perfect with the bagoong! Yuuum! Also, the bagnet is just 💣💥👌🏼!

Baked Cheesy Beef Lasagna: Since this is Filipino-style, expect it to be on the sweet side. It was creamy and saucy, and not at all dry!

Ube Decadence: *cue heavenly choir while angels descend from up above* Everything was good, but, man! We have a clear winner, Southies!🙌🏼 This dessert was soft and mildly sweet, plus creamy like creme brulee! UGH! SOOO GOOD!

Special note on their packaging: they’re zip locked! You're sure you're not getting a goopy mess when ordering for delivery!

Thank you, Kitchenella Manila, for giving us a heavenly meal!🙏🏼

Southies, go on and check them out on FB 👉🏼Kitchenella Manila and send them a PM 💬 m.me/kitchenellamanila to inquire and to order!😃

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Richard E. Pulumbarit
15 October, 2020
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