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Joyce to the World
Snippets of festive treats for a Southie's sweet tooth.

Although this Southie got nothing else but desserts, this particular instance when Joyce to the World sent us their sweets, it was clearly a mix and 'batch' of baked stuff any Southie would appreciate!

I was able to try 5 of their menu items. Scroll down for my review.

Mango Graham Cake: I've tried a number of versions of this cake and almost all of them would turn out to be overly-creamy and sweet. This was not the case for Joyce's: this bestseller was loaded with graham cracker crumbs and they definitely hit the 'bakes' on putting too much cream/sugar cause it was sweetened just right.

Matcha Graham Cake: Another of their bestsellers, this was as smooth as can be. I'm not very fond of matcha-flavored stuff, but this wasn't bad at all! The matcha flavor was subtle but distinct, and this was not even sweet, so points for that. 

Banana Choco Loaf: This was my top choice for this lineup! It was firm and adequately moist, plus they flavored it juuust right. It wasn't too sweet nor bitter, and I was able to taste the subtle banana flavor. Plus, hello? Chocolate! Haha! Everything you'd want in a loaf, they put in it. Talk about 'baking' care of business, eh?

Carrot Cream Cheese with Walnut Loaf: It was soft and moist, plus one of my family members really enjoyed the cream cheese! Again, they really took it easy on the sweetness level, which we all really appreciated!

Graham Balls: Other than the fact that these balls are quite the 'eye candy', they really grow on you after each and every single bite. I loved munching on these balls! (Oh dear! Please tone down on your active imaginations, Southies! LOL) You must probably be thinking, "Weh? Dinga? Edi'balls!" But really. I was pleased they were not sweet at all, so there was totally zero 'umay' feels. 

Thanks so much for getting us in a festive mood just in time for the holidays, Joyce to the World!

'Tis the season for treats, Southies. Grab summa deez sweets soon, and lemme see you giving them 2 'crumbs' up! Order by getting in touch with them on their socials below.

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 Product review by Southie Donna.


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3 December, 2020
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