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Hanako PH
Snippets of this Southie having Japanese and 'shrimp'ly 'sushi roll'ing with it!

I am a sucker for good Japanese, and this was quite a welcome change for my usual ramen fix. Safe to say, 'miso' happy after hearing Hanako PH is sending some tempura, sushi, and salmon.

When I first laid eyes on the goods, I didnt know which to start with cause they sent a lot and 'ebi'thing looked great! I knew there was only one way to do it: 'salmon' some strength and some mighty chopsticks so I can start digging in! 

🍤Tempura: Crunchy, filling pieces of shrimp, perfect for sharing with the family. Everyone would definitely go for these, so control your 'tempura' when nothing's left for ya! LOL.

🍱Mura 'To Platter
What's in the box?
🍣Crispy Salmon Skin
🍣Takai Aburi
🍣California Maki
🍣Tamago Sushi
Everything was delish, but the Takai Aburi was my fave in this box — it was delightful to look at, had a variety of textures, so super flavorful, like a party in my mouth!

🍱Salmon Favorites
What's in the box?
🍣Torched Cheese & Salmon
🍣Philly Roll
🍣Salmon & Cream Cheese
🍣Five Star Roll
Salmon is always a winner, so don't even ask me to choose which variant was the best. It's called 'Salmon Favorites' for a reason, you know. *wink*

Thanks for 'maki' my day, Hanako PH!

Go order these babies for yourself or for 'salmon' you love this holiday season, Southies! Check out more details + their ordering channels below:

 Paranaque (BF Homes, Moonwalk, Better Living)
Hanako PH on FB
 @hanako.ph on IG

#CraveHanako #HanakoAtHome

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Hanako PH
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17 December, 2020
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