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Gotobox Northgate Alabang
Snippets of Pinoy meal essentials you have 'goto' try this weekend, Southies!

This Southie doesn't need no barangay official to tell her what's essential or not in this lineup. No, sir! I am absolutely certain each one of these noms offerings by Gotobox Northgate Alabang should cross borders unhampered simply because they are 'lugaw'mazing! 

I was able to try 3 of their dishes, 2 versions of goto and 1 silog entry. Read my thoughts about the below.

[WATCH our un'gotobox'ing video of them babies on TikTok HERE.]

 🍲Goto Marikit:
This is their goto dilaw topped with ox tripe, betamax, and beef laman. It’s good! It was seasoned juuuust right. I expected it to be salty but it wasn't, so that's a huge plus! The beef was delicious, and I love tripe so I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is my first time to eat betamax, so it was kind of a fear factor moment for me. (Oh for the love of giving you legit food reviews! See? I took one for the team, Southies. lol) But, hey! It wasn't as bad as I thought, tho it is definitely an acquired taste for me, so it might be a long time before I try that again. LOL

🍲Goto Lakan:
This one is their goto puti topped with pork intestine, ox tripe, and beef fat. Ooh! Now, this one is more up my alley! Taste-wise, I think I prefer this more than the Marikit. I found it way tastier, perhaps because of the beef fat in it (and because zero betamax? hahaha!) The lugaw itself had great consistency and perfectly seasoned to my liking. In short, 'ox' na 'ox'!

They originally wanted to send me their tapsilog but ended up with this, which to me is, like, hellsyeah! ChichaBu is such a guilty pleasure of mine so I was super excited to have some, and I was so happy it did not disappoint. However, their sinangag was something else! It kinda stole the show because it was truly delicious,  seasoned really well, and matched the bulaklak perfectly! TIP: You must eat it right away to enjoy the crunch. If this isn't possible, just pop it in your toaster for a minute or two, or pan fry that baby sans the oil, and KA-'BLOOM'!💥💐🐷

Thank you so much for the sustenance, Gotobox Northgate!

Check them out this weekend, Southies! They offer delivery, too!

 Northgate Cyberzone, Filinvest, Alabang, Muntinlupa
 Gotobox (Northgate Alabang)
 12nn to 3am 

 Review and blog by Southie Donna


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