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Ferino's Bibingka
Snippets of your sweet and sticky Pinoy Christmas in the south.

How 'rice' did this Southie's day get, when Ferino's Bibingka came to visit? So 'rice' that it felt as if Christmas had come early. Glad I finally got to try Ferino's Bibingka and Puto Bumbong. I could use some cheering up since this is probably the most unusual, less cheer-y Christmas we will all experience what with this pandemic, all of us being in quarantine, and ending a most cruel year for as long as we can remember. 

Moving on to the pleasant part, here's what I think about their Pinoy rice cakes. 

Bibingka: The main attraction. This was as big as a plate, and it had really nice texture; it was smooth and subtly sweet. The flavor, especially the salted egg, wasn't overpowering which was what I preferred, as I don't eat salted egg as is. (The real headscratcher is that I'm crazy about salted egg-flavored stuff like the salted egg radiatore at Nonna's Pasta & Pizzeria and the creamy Salted egg wings at Buffalo Wings n' Things in Commercenter Alabang. I know. Weirdo. *eyeroll*) Buy Bibingka now.

Bibingcute: This is practically their Bibingka just in its cute form. I could write one essay just talking about how cute it is that they called it Bibingcute, but I won't. Thank me later. Anyhow, these are perfect when you just need a quick bite or, being that we're being socially-distant, this is also probably the safest way to share a box with another Southie. Ayiiee! Buy Bibingcute now.

Puto Bumbong: You're not Pinoy if you don't think 'Christmas' as soon as you lay eyes on this baby. The flavors were subtle and it wasn't too sweet, either. They were quite generous with the toppings, too! Might I add, the grated coconut kinda gave me that 'snow' vibe the whole time. Buy Puto Bumbong now.

Thank you so much for 'sleigh'ing Christmas, Ferino's Bibingka!

'Puto' your sad thoughts aside, and order some Bibingka and Puto Bumbong today, Southies! Check out their shop in Snippets City HERE, and follow them on their socials! 

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Ferino's Bibingka
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30 November, 2020
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