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Detached Neighborhood
Snippets of our Southie neighbor you wouldn't mind 'bean' way too much into 'brew'.☕️😜

Let me tell you about the vibe this Southie got, as soon as I received the package sent by Detached Neighborhood: although they're in the coffee business, they gave me the impression that they really leave very little room for 'bitterness' when it comes to their customers. Why, you ask? That whole package they sent felt just like something that's full of 'mugs' and kisses!☕️🛍😍 🥰 

Here are the things I tried and loved about Detached Neighborhood:

🛍 The Packaging
Man! They were really suuuper extra with the packaging; sooo pretty!😍 Best to inquire on how to get this special packaging from them. Methinks it's the perfect gift idea for someone you love a 'latte'!💝 

☕️💃🏽 Their Spanish Latte
This was my top choice among the 4 blends--hands down!🙌🏽 It was strong, had no excessive bitterness, and was definitely not sweet! Seriously one of the best versions i’ve tried, and can honestly say it ranks somewhere at the top 5 of my personal list.🤤👌🏽 I loved it so much, it made me exclaim: "Where the hell have you 'bean' all my life?!" LOL 

☕️ Their Vanilla Latte
It was v subtle; strong and not sweet. It's so lowkey and noms, it's probably something you would be good with having 2 or more bottles a day and still manage to stay 'grounded'.👍🏽 Haha!😄 

☕️🍯 Their Caramel Latte
Ooh! Now this was more up my alley when compared with the Vanilla version. I expected this to be super sweet but it wasn't, so i was glad to be disappointed in this particular instance.🤗 I think this is how most coffee shops need to pattern their blend for their caramel lattes: subtle yet well-flavored; strong but not bitter; and tasty without having to totally depend on being sweet. Talk about a great 'blend'!👍🏽 

☕️ 🍫Their Choco Hazelnut
It had that subtle hazelnut flavor and was leaning towards the dark chocolate spectrum to me. Again, no extreme sweetness detected. I can't say this was *the* best, but i can definitely say i prefer this than McDo’s version (which I already love). hashtag RealTalk *shruggie* 😄 Maybe because the chocolate wasn't as "grainy"? if you know what i 'bean'...

Thank you so much for helping us 'java' nice day, Detached Neighborhood!🙏🏽

Don't miss out on making their brews a part of your daily 'grind', Southies!😋 Get some today!👇🏽

📍 Parañaque
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   Review and Blog by Southie Donna

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Detached Neighborhood
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31 August, 2022
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