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Crotone's Fresh Bakes
Snippets of this Southie having a ‘dough’licious afternoon!🍞😋

Sooo glad my tummy was b'ready', cause I received 2 boxes full of freshly baked goodies from Crotone's Fresh Bakes! Lemme tell ya: these gaiz understood the assignment, cause they truly made this Southie’s afternoon full of ‘dough’light!😗👌🏼 Now, on to *my* own assignment. LOL.😅✌🏼 Inside the 2 boxes were the following:

Box 1: 

🍞🧀 Divine Cream Cheese Ensaymada (Classic, Ube Halaya) - True to its name, these pieces of ensaymada were divine! 👄👅

🍞🧀🟣 Pan de Sal (Ube Halaya & Cream Cheese, Premium Cheddar Cheese Pan de Sal) - Who said that the ube-cheese pan de sal season is over? It ain’t over! Crotone’s version of the most popular pandemic pastry was one of the best ones I’ve tried so far! The bread ‘melted’ in my mouth and I could definitely taste the ube halaya flavors (similar to the one my mama makes). The cheddar cheese pan de sal was also 'dough'licious, the saltiness of the premium cheddar cheese made each bite addicting! Ugh! So good!🤤

🌰🔥Pan de S’mores - This was such a clever take on the regular S’mores! It isn’t just for your evening bonfire anymore, you can now have it for breakfast or afternoon merienda, too. The bread was really soft and not ‘airy’, plus the sweetness of the chocolate and marshmallow wasn’t overpowering. No need for ‘palaman’ because everything is already inside the bun!😗👌🏼 

Box 2: 

🍋🍰Lemon Caramel bars
🍫🍰Chocolate Rich Revel Bars
🥜🍫🍰Super Moist Walnut Brownies
This was like a premium box of treats! They were moist and melt-in-your-mouth delicious!😋 You’ll never go wrong with giving these as presents or giveaways, or simply have them for yourselves to pair with your cup of coffee. 'Crust' me!👌🏼😌

Thank you for making my day won'dough'ful, Crotone's!💜

Head over to their socials if you 'knead' some 'loaf' ('bun' intended) and order a box or two today, Southies!👇🏼
📍Bacoor, Cavite
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   Blog and review by Southie Eliza


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7 May, 2021
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