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Cookie Dude PH
Snippets of gooey, yummy, and a-dough-rable sweets!🍪

Cookie Dude sent us a box of these half-baked cookies in assorted flavors to indulge on. And, duuuude! The cookies were toasty outside and oh-so-gooey inside!🤤

🍪The Classic Dude Original
A chocolate cookie or chocolate with cookies? This dude was generously filled with chocolate chunks that chocoholic Southies would definitely love.🍫 Nothing beats a classic!

🍪Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Cookies
It had some itsy bitsy hint of cinnamon flavor that’s not so overpowering. A glass of milk would be a great pair to it.🥛

🍪White Chocolate Cookies
OMC, as in Oh My Cookie! This was our favorite!🥇 No wonder these dudes are a crowd favorite. The mild sweetness of the white chocolate makes you want to have more! You’re a weir-dough if you wouldn’t love these.🤪

🍪Cocoa Spice Up Your Life 
They looked like Christmas-themed s’mores at first sight but once I took a bite, the flavors were a surprise!🎉 These dudes absolutely give the flavors of Christmas! Apart from the dark chocolate and cocoa flavors, you’ll taste other several spices that will make you feel more excited for the holiday festivities.🎄

Get your hands on these dudes now! Check out their socials to order and to get updates on more cookie flavors! Click links below.

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Cookie Dude PH
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22 December, 2020
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