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Snippets of 'cha'mmer in a refreshing bottle!🌞🥤💦

I'm not sure if you've noticed by now, but majority of these Southies are coffee people: like, Coffee-Anonymous-level addicted! LOL. So when we got introduced to fermented tea during the very 'fruitful' ATC Homegrown Fair on the most recent Muntinlupa Day weekend, the particular experience gave the word 'refreshing' multiple meanings for us.🤯😲💦😌 Imagine this Southie's anticipation when Camille of Camsbucha told us she was sending over their kombucha bundle pack 'juiced' in time for the peak of 'cha'mmer!🔥🥵🥤💦😎

Everything was a 'tea'light to drink, but allow me to share my thoughts on 'peach' of these invigorating, cold drinks. Read below for my full review or watch my experience in a quick TikTok video HERE. You can also watch Neil de Belen's 20-second clip HERE.

🫐🥤💦Blueberry Lavender
One of my favorites from the bundle and I heard also a bestseller from this 'bunch'. I'm surprised I liked it as much as I did, cause I'm not a blueberry person. It had a subtle but distinct flavor, no weird lavender aftertaste 😗👌🏼 (this was what I wasn't looking forward to initially lol). Plus, there were real blueberry pieces in it! Safe to say, this 'blue' me away.😋👍🏼

🍍🥤💦Pineapple Ginger Chia
Another surprise favorite!🤯 I have never been a fan of pineapple drinks because I find them a tad too acidic and sour. This wasn't the case with Camsbucha's version. The ginger seemed to have neutralized the acidic pineapple, because it was so subtle-tasting, I just kept gulping it down.👄👅
I suuuper love chia seeds, and the bottle contained a generous amount, so points for that! You're 'chia' best, Camille!🙌🏼👍🏼 

🌿🥤💦Grapefruit Rosemary
This was slightly more acidic than the previous two, but not bad at all! You could taste the distinct herb-y flavor right away. The grapefruit was a pleasant surprise every gulp!😋

Quick Note: By this time, I've noticed how wild (but at the same time, not entirely outrageous) the flavor combos Camille had thought up, and I just love it! The flavors were deliberately designed to be FRUIT + TEA, because it literally *is* FRUIT TEA! Whoa!🤯😲

🥭🥤💦Mango Jasmine
 Never thought I'd drink a drink with mango and jasmine mixed in one bottle, but, hey, I'm glad I did! This was super subtle in terms of fruit flavor and had a slightly bitter aftertaste.👍🏼

🥝🥤💦Kiwi Butterfly Pea
This was a truly pleasant blend and I downed the whole bottle pretty 'kiwi'ckly!🤤 It had the right hint of sourness, plus the unique taste is such a wonderful new experience to me, because I'm quite picky and I don't regularly include anything with kiwi in my diet.🤪 LOL

🍓🥤💦Strawberry Hibiscus
This one is a best-seller, and no wonder!🙌🏼 It was so light and just right; it didn’t have the sourness most people associate with strawberries. Instead, it had that subtle bitterness that I found pleasing.👅

🍊🥤💦Orange Cardamom
Okay. Not only did this drink refreshed me, it also gave me a quick vocabulary lesson. Haha! I was today years old when I found out there was such a spice as cardamom, so thank you for the vocabulary lesson and the introduction, Camsbucha! I am most definitely an orange person and this drink 'orange'ment was super spot on!😗👌🏼 It was a perfect mix of sweet, tarty, and pine-y! It also had the right hint of acidity, and the bits added terrific texture to each gulp!😋

💡Kombucha is fermented tea, and is known to have numerous health benefits when you drink it.
💡They are extremely fizzy so let them rest for some time upon delivery before you pop open a bottle. Important: DO NOT SHAKE! Haha. (I made this mistake and boy I had a mini heart attack with almost half a bottle of kombucha just overflowing on my table. LOL.)
💡Store upright in the fridge. You can keep it refrigerated for as long as you want, but Camille recommends 2 months max to enjoy right flavor and amount of carbonation. Once the bottle is opened, consume within a week.

I'm so 'grape'ful for this opportunity to enjoy your creations, Camsbucha!🙏🏼

Don't 'cha' just wanna do the 'ripe' thing and grab a bundle of these 'tea'licious drinks today, Southies? Let's go!👇🏼 
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  Review and blog by Southie Donna


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